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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, I hope you enjoy.

The newly arrived baby was a cat beastman girl who had cat ears and a long tail.

The children were extremely excited as two babies had arrived within a short time period.

However, the children who had been concerned about me in the beginning had been defeated by the cuteness of the cat-earred baby, and now only cared about her.

This signaled the end of my popularity period that did not even last a month….

The cat-earred baby and I were both babies, so we slept on the same bed.

In other words, even though I was no longer popular, the children were all around me.

In the end, other than the arrival of the cat-earred baby, the days passed by like usual.


There was one thing that had changed.

I became an oniichan a month after my birth.


It had been about a year since I arrived at the orphanage.

At present, I had become able to crawl and my area of activity had widened.

Maa, it was just within the room though.

Occasionally, I would be carried by the director-sensei and the female assistant (it seems that this girl is named Charlotte.

Nickname, Char-chan) in their arms.

They even took me on a walk around the orphanage and around the premises.

And, about my cute younger sister, but it seems that beastmen had higher physical abilities than humans, and compared to me who was learning to crawl, she had long begun to crawl quickly, running around with great vigor.

At night, I casted recovery magic on my exhausted sister.

Even if I call it recovery magic, its just relieving some of her fatigue, but if I did this, it seems that she would fall fast asleep.

Around half a year ago when my younger sisters crying at night got really bad, I had poured my mana into her and she stopped crying, so after testing it out several times, I had concluded that it was probably recovery magic.

I had yet to test it out on injuries, so I did not know how effective it was.

I could create fire, wind, stones and water, so the development of my magic had shown progress.

Frankly, besides me, I had not seen anyone else use magic, so I did not know what basic magic was like in this world, which troubled me.

I tried using Appraisal, and its understandable for the children, but it seems that even the director-sensei and Char-chan did not have the Magic skill.

I did not know if what was going on, but I needed to keep my being able to use magic a secret.


As such days passed, it had been three years since I arrived at the orphanage.

These days, Im able to freely walk around the premises.

…my younger sister was unruly and running around though. 

There were new things that I had learned about this world as well.

Firstly, it seems that this country, was named『Argyle Kingdom』.

And, this orphanage was in『Frey Town』.

It was located to the west of Argyle Kingdom, and nearby was Dragon King Mountain with a vast forest known as Dragon Forest surrounding it.

It was said that one of the dragon kings lived in Dragon King Mountain, and it seems that a large number of dragons inhabited the base of the mountain.

And, it seems that the closer you got to the center of Dragon Forest, the stronger the monsters, with the dragons being the strongest.

Conversely, there were barely any strong monsters at the edge of the forest, and because of various blessings of the forests abundant amount of mana, Frey Town flourished due to the growing population of adventurers.

This orphanage nurtured those left behind by the adventurers.

The operating funds were provided by the town.

The town prospered because of the adventurers, so they were giving back to them.

However, the orphanage did not contribute to the town, so there was no surplus in the money given. 

Because of that, children over ten years old help the townspeople, and earn a small bit of money.

By all rights, you couldnt find proper work if you had not reached adulthood at fifteen years old, but thanks to the director-senseis personal virtue and the childrens politeness, they let them help.

Maa, this was something that was unrelated to me who was three years old though….


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