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After a short while, the children who went to change their clothes came and they started playing with my younger sister and the others.

They had played in rivers before, but when faced with the seawater, everyone was surprised by the saltiness. 

And so, as they were playing happily, Cruz-kun came over from out of nowhere and before anyone realized it, he was playing together with everybody else.

As I was leisurely watching my younger sister and the others play, I noticed that the children from the harbor city orphanage were watching them with envy in their eyes.

「If you want, let’s play together」

I went over to them and asked them this,

「But, if we don’t work….」

「We need to help them….」

they said this, and it seems that they saw them playing while they were in the middle of preparing the dried fish.

For the children, they probably felt that if they didn’t work, then they wouldn’t be able to eat, but for children, it was important for them to play as well.

As one would expect, it would not be possible for all of them to play, but it shouldn’t be a problem if they took turns.

It would not be good if it looked like they were playing hooky, so I’ll talk it over with the child who was the manager, or rather, the person in charge of preparing the dried fish.

It seems that the manager did not intend on having them work excessively, and I was able to get permission for them to play.

Or rather, there were a large number of children and it seems that there were more than enough children working, so it was mostly the older children who were doing the work.

And it seems that they were planning on letting the older children play in turns as well….

As one would expect, there was not enough for everyone, so the children went to play in just their underpants, but there were also children who didn’t play in the sea.

Looking closely, the cat sisters seemed envious as well, but they didn’t enter the sea.

TN: “not enough” should be referring to the swimsuits

「You’re not going to play with everyone」

「I’m scared of going into the water nya.」

「But, it looks fun nya….」

Ah~, if I’m not mistaken, cats were no good with water, no, my younger sister was playing like normal.

Maa, if they’re not good with it, then I could only teach them a different game. 

「Then why don’t we play over here with everyone.」

I invited the children who were not playing in the sea and moved to a place on the sandy beach where the waves wouldn’t reach.

There, I took out shovels and buckets and made a sand dune with everyone’s help.

「What are you doing~」

「Are you making a big mountain~」

「No, I’m going to start building a castle!」

The children looked confused, but when I made the rough shape of it, it seems that they kind of understood and started to join in on the construction.

As expected, with everyone gathered around, it was difficult to make it, so I made several piles of sand and they all played on their own.

There were a lot of people, so I had them use a piece of wood in place of a spatula. 

The completed castles were not uniform and were of all shapes and sizes.

Everyone had never seen a real castle before, so it seems that they made them based on their imagination.

Come to think of it, I’ve seen the castles in Japan, but I hadn’t seen the ones in foreign countries.

Seeing the finished castles, there was one that had a high level of completion.

It seems that it was the product of the carpentry group who had participated.

I noticed them during the break and was happy as it was a good change of pace.

Before I knew it, my younger sister and the others came over as well, and in the end, the children who were playing in the sea joined in as well.

While repeating the process of playing in the sea and preparing the dried fish, I started to work on the construction of the orphanage.

If Cruz-kun wasn’t playing in the sea, then he was being swept away by the waves, demolishing sand castles, and being buried in the sand, which was troublesome, but other than that, the children passed the time happily.

After a month had passed, the harbor city orphanage was completed.

Midway, the number of children had increased and I had to make an addition to the building, and the materials were just barely enough, but it was a splendid building that prioritized the number of rooms.

The children were also delighted that they had their own house. 

However, I wasn’t happy.

In Frey Town, there was at least the path of becoming an adventurer, but it would be difficult to do so in this harbor city.

We needed to look for something that the children could do independently.

Yes, this was the beginning of our orphanage management struggle!


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