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Next, we headed to the second floor.

Here, they sold other goods besides the weapons and armors that adventurers used.

For example, things like bags, tents, lamps, preserved foods, medicine, and potions and the variety of goods was so much more different than that of Frey Town’s that I didn’t even know where to look. 

「It’s so spacious.」

「Um, what should we do」

「Can’t we do it like before, each person go look and then report back later」

And so, we dispersed and went to take a look.

The first thing I headed towards was the corner with the preserved foods.

I had my『Item Box』, so I was fine, but the adventurer group usually ate preserved foods.

Thanks to the magic bags, they were able to take a lot of goods with them, but they did not stop the passage of time, so if there were delicious emergency rations, then it would be good for us.

At the very least, it would be souvenirs for the cooking group.

「Shuu! This, can you even make it」

While I was looking at the preserved foods, they had called out to me, so I went over.

There were accessories placed there.

Things such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

As I was wondering why they would be here, the adventurer group told me.

「These, have various types of『Bestowal』affixed onto them.

Unlike armor, they could be changed easily, so it’s convenient.」

It seems that he had also heard about them from senior adventurers, but the armor that was worn regularly on the body had the body strengthening bestowal, and the bestowals belonging to the resistance system, such as poison resistance or resistance to all magic, were changed depending on the request. 

「I could, more or less, do it.

I need to think of what kind of bestowal to affix to them though.」

「Oh, you can do it, huh! It’s a little expensive, so it was hard to buy it.」

Certainly, even though they’re accessories, they had bestowals, so they were reasonably priced.

If you had several of them, then it would certainly be troublesome.

「It might be better to buy some so I can compare them to the ones I make.」

「That’s true, then I’ll choose them.」

The children from the adventurer group said this, so I left it to them.

After that, I looked around at various things with the adventurer group.

There were plenty of items, from ordinary tools like tents that were resistant to the cold and the heat and lanterns that were effective in repelling monsters to handy magic tools, so we had a lot of fun as time passed. 

When we returned to the beastmen district, Queen and the others seemed to be satisfied.

It seems that they went hunting with the adventurers from the beastmen district.

The prey may have been weak, but they were content with running around.

For some reason, Miu was discussing () the method of running with the rabbit clan adventurers and repeatedly ran and then stopped many times.

It seems that the girls had already returned and prepared dinner.

I didn’t know what they bought, but it would be better for us to exchange information. 

After this and that, our business in the imperial capital was completed and we returned to the harbor city.

We were staying in separate inns, so we reported our purchases in the horse carriage.

It might be because Obaa-san was with them, but they were a group of girls, so they bought things like cute accessories, beautiful fabrics, and Western-style clothing. 

The journey back was smooth and we arrived at the harbor city without any issues.


Even though we were not yet able to see the designated location for the orphanage, my younger sister appeared out of nowhere and threw her arms around me.

Sakuya-chan also realized that it was my younger sister and she seemed happy.

We continued on together with my younger sister, heading towards the sandy beach, and there was a mysterious scene unfolding on the sea.

For some reason, our bunnies were standing (floating) on the sea. 

「Hey, are those rabbits in the sea」

「Aah, for some reason, they’re not sinking.」

「Miu, do you know something」

Everyone in the horse carriage was curious, but no one knew what was going on.

Miu also just tilted her head to the side in confusion.

I thought that my younger sister would know, but she was sleeping next to Sakuya-chan and I before we knew it, so I couldn’t ask even though I wanted to.

That being the case, just as I was thinking of asking someone else, Miu ran towards the bunnies as if telling me that she was going to go ask.

And, just like that, Miu started running on top of the sea. 


Not noticing our surprise, Miu arrived at the place where the bunnies were, which was about fifty meters away from the water’s edge.

And, as soon as she stopped, there was a splashing sound and as a splash of water rose, she sank….


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