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And so, we arrived at the weapons shop.

It was near the Adventurer Guild, and was a solid two-story building, which only certain shops in the imperial capital had.

「This is the shop recommended by the guild」

「Aah, it seems that it’s in partnership with the guild and if you showed your Guild ID, there would be a discount.」

「In return, the guild will give preferential treatment to the requests of this shop or would sell them the materials that the adventurers sold to the guild.」

I see, the things that they’re selling were oriented towards adventurers, so the shop seemed to be quite profitable.

「Let’s hurry up and go in.」

Rushed by the adventurer group, we entered the shop.

The first floor was filled with weapons and armor.

An adventurer who seemed to be the guard was standing at the entrance and when we asked, he said that he was keeping a watchful eye in case of shoplifting or adventurers being violent.

「Then, do you want to go see what you like first」

「Yeah, if there’s anything good, then we can just show it to Shuu.」

And so, we temporarily dispersed and each person went to look at the weapons and armors that they liked. 

As for me, I didn’t really use any armor, so I was wandering around as I looked.

In doing so, I found a large pile of weapons, which could’ve been mistaken for garbage, in the corner of the shop.

Previously, I had probably also found items that were on the verge of being discarded.

「I wonder if I’d be lucky enough to find anything~.」

Wondering if there was anything similar to the broken sword that cut well and the cursed item that I had found previously, I systematically used『Appraisal』to search through them.

In doing so, I found a weapon that was bestowed with 『Mana Absorption』.

When I tried holding it, I felt this knife absorb my mana from my hand.

「Uwah, …what does this do with the absorbed mana」

Looking at the knife that I let go of, the absorbed mana dispersed into the air.

I didn’t know what would happen if I broke the curse, but it seemed interesting, so let’s buy it.

There weren’t any other notable items, but when I tried searching, given that this was a shop where we could buy it for cheap, there were a lot of iron and magic iron items, but every now and then, products made from a metal known as magic silver mythril could also be found.

This was an item that was superior to magic iron and it seems that it’s harder than magic iron, with mana being easily able to flow through it, and it had good efficiency.

The price was also reasonable, but….

There were also spear-like weapons that had long handles that were rarely sold in Frey Town.

If it wasn’t in the forest, then the long reach would be advantageous.

And so, let’s buy the long-handled spear later as well. 

While I was thinking about such things, the adventurer group came over with various weapons that they’ve chosen.

「As expected, the weapons in the imperial capital are huge.」

「The armors are also made from things like iron.」

「We wouldn’t use them, but why don’t we buy them as samples」

As expected, the assortment in the imperial capital was surprising.

For adventurers, armor, in particular, full-bodied armor was too heavy and couldn’t be used, but they might be good as samples.

Maa, it depended on the quality of the armor though….

However, there were adventurers who used breastplates and helmets to protect their vital parts, so let’s buy them.

Of course, I couldn’t forget to buy the shield that would be used as a sample. 

After that, we all went around looking at the items that the adventurer group had chosen.

The blacksmith group had helped them as well, so it seems they were able to choose the items without selecting anything really bad as there weren’t any problems with『Appraisal』either.

Even so, we didn’t buy everything that was selected and we just purchased several items as samples and items to test the quality of the weapons from the imperial capital.

If we had a little extra money, I would like to have the mythril weapon though.


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