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Leaving the obaa-chan’s shop, we headed to the next one.

The next shop is a place that Obaa-san had asked about during their conversation.

It was known as a shop that the locals went to or a hole-in-the-wall store.

I thought that the shops we headed to were the same as the fabric stores, grocery stores, greengrocers, and butcher’s shops in Frey Town, but both the suppliers and the assortments were completely different.

And they were expensive! The prices at the obaa-chan’s shop were not all the same, but the other shops were all splendidly expensive.

Maa, the groceries were not that expensive, but were these the city prices….

After going around multiple shops, Sakuya-chan had gotten used to the people, so we finally headed to the main street. 

「In any case, it’s bustling.」

「There are a lot of people….」

She had become somewhat accustomed to it, but as expected, there were a lot of people, so Sakuya-chan, Obaa-san, and I were walking while holding hands so that we wouldn’t get lost.

The stalls were selling a great variety of things, but there was nothing that we wanted, so we were wandering around without buying anything.

Occasionally, I would use『Appraisal』on the things that I was interested in, but I didn’t find anything worth mentioning.

Instead, I found several vegetables, fruits, spices, and seasonings that I was not familiar with, so I bought them.

If they’re good, then I’ll buy a large quantity.

「Welcome, welcome.」

「Our meat is delicious!」

「Would you like some freshly baked bread!」

Leaving the sundries and foodstuff stalls, we went into the area with the food stalls.

There were various stalls selling grilled skewers, teppanyaki, and stews that were different from those found in Frey Town and the harbor city all lined up.

Most of them used salt as their basic seasoning, but occasionally, there would be stalls that put sauce on their food and coat them with it, so there was a nice scent wafting in the area.

TN: ‘teppanyaki’ is food that’s cooked on a hot plate and is usually done at the table.

Incidentally, ‘hibachi’ is similar, but the hot plate is usually much larger and is located at a separate location away from the dining tables.

And the sauce mentioned above is called ‘tare’, which is a soy or mirin-based sauce. 

「It smells good.」

「It seems delicious….」

「Why don’t we go eat some.」

As expected, the smell of something that was freshly made was unbearable, so we were buying and eating them.

However, Sakuya-chan, Obaa-san, and I couldn’t eat that much, so we split each item into three for each person.

I bought the out-of-the-ordinary sauce-flavored product as a souvenir for the cooking group, including portions for my younger sister and Char-chan.

Walking through the food stalls, we met the merchant group and the adventurer group and then we joined them to make one big group.

It seems that both groups were returning from the guilds and had succumbed to the smells, so they came all the way here.

「I recommend the meat skewers! Anything with the secret sauce is delicious!」

「The soup that we drank was tasty too.」

「That being the case, the bread was good too.

Even though it was a food stall, the bread was soft.」

After joining up, we traded information about the stalls that we’ve eaten at.

And, after talking about it, it couldn’t be helped that we wanted to eat them.

Fortunately, the adventurer group could still eat a lot, so they went around the recommended stalls while trying the new ones.

Of course, they didn’t forget to buy some as souvenirs. 

「Come to think of it, I heard about a good shop at the guild.」

「It seemed to be a shop with cute accessories」

「Sakuya-chan, let’s go together!」

While trying food at various stalls, the chattering of the girls from the merchant group and the adventurer group continued and they invited Sakuya-chan to go shopping.

「Hey, I asked about the location of the weapons shop at the guild, but Shuu, do you want to go too」

「If you’re there, we would be at ease and wouldn’t buy strange things!」

This was an invitation from the boys of the adventurer group to go buy weapons.

It seems that they needed me, or rather, my『Appraisal』skill, but certainly, it was a place that I wanted to go to as well. 

And so, the boys and the girls split up and went their own way, but for some reason, Sakuya-chan was looking at me with a disappointed look on her face. 

「Sakuya-chan, let’s hurry and go!」

Sakuya-chan was being dragged away.

Un, it’s a good thing if she got along with the girls!


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