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Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas!

Here is my present to all of you.

Thank you all for reading this novel with me this past year and I am grateful for you guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, truly.

I wouldn’t be here without you guys, so thank you for reading and thank you for leaving comments and telling me your thoughts.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Wishing you all the happiest and warmest holiday season!

There will be five chapters in total, this being the first.

I hope you enjoy!!

We prepared to go out and headed towards the beastmen district.

The beastmen district’s merchants and the imperial capital’s merchants were already there and were trading various things with our merchant group.

It seems that the adventurer group had come as well and was unloading the cargo from the horse carriage.

Incidentally, the horse carriage was left at the beastmen district, and the Steppe Horses were relaxing at the inn that I was staying in.

「Oh, you’re finally here」

「Sakuya-chan, good morning–.」

「Obaa-chan, good morning!」

Everyone greeted us after they noticed us, so we walked towards them as we returned their greetings.

「Shuu, can you take out the goods」

It seems that all the goods from the horse carriage had been taken out, so I entered the horse carriage and took out additional cargo.

It seems that Sakuya-chan and Obaa-san went to go help pass out the breakfast.

We brought food with us when we came and it was a little extravagant, so it seems that they decided to make everything in one go.  

After taking the cargo out, now it was switched to loading the goods.

Usually, they only did small business, enough to fill a horse carriage and the magic bags, but today, I was here, so it seems there were more transactions than usual.

There was a lot of alcohol in the cargo that we put away.

Next were the medicinal herbs and spices that we couldn’t get in Dragon Forest, and the amount was not small, but it seems that there was sugar as well.

There were even folk crafts, handicrafts, cloth, and thread.

That’s right, after I told them that there were not enough containers for the potions at the orphanage, they said that they would prepare some by tomorrow.

It seems that business was going well and they were able to start making connections with other companies.

This was likely to be the case for future transactions.

「How pretty….」

「It should be somewhat difficult to make.」

As we were putting away the goods, Sakuya-chan and Obaa-san had returned before we knew it and were peeking at the cargo.

We procured the folk crafts and handicrafts as samples for the production groups, but it seems that the two of them liked them. 

「Later, do you want to go take a look」


It seems that Sakuya-chan’s mood had improved.

In the morning, we handled business, and in the afternoon, we went to town to do some shopping.

The merchant group dropped by the Commerce Guild, and the adventurer group, the Adventurer Guild.

As expected, the imperial capital had a main street that only cities had and it was crowded with stalls and it seems that they also had a shopping street, which was also bustling with people.

「Which shop should we enter」

Sakuya-chan was looking forward to going to the shops and we decided to go around the stalls, but there were too many people and they seemed to be a little drunk, so we entered a building to take refuge.

And the place we entered seemed to be a general store () on a side street.

Because it wouldn’t make sense to enter a store on the main street when it’s crowded with people.

It seems that the shop we went into was one that was for the local people and there were daily necessities lined on the shelves.

Sakuya-chan might’ve been complaining inside, thinking why we had come into a small shop like this one even though we especially came out to go shopping, but maa, until she got used to people, it couldn’t be helped.

Rather, there might be a surprising bargain in a shop like this!

「Hello, welcome.」

While we were looking around the shop, an obaa-chan came out from the back.


「H, hello….」

「Yes, hello.」

The obaa-chan was smiling when we greeted her.

Obaa-san and the obaa-chan, who were in the same age group (), started talking, so Sakuya-chan and I, looked around the shop.

There was nothing but daily necessities in the shop and almost all the things were what we’ve seen before.

However, there was a draining basket that seemed to be made from bamboo, so I bought that. 

TN: the modern version of the draining basket would be a colander. 


I followed Sakuya-chan’s voice to where she was and there were cookies and cakes placed at the end of the shelf.  Though I called it a cake, it wasn’t something spread with cream; it was just a sponge cake.

It seems that there were berries and dried fruits in it and it looked filling. 

「I made that myself.

Are you going to buy it」

We were staring at it, so the obaa-chan said these few words.

It seems that the obaa-chan made these as a hobby for the children, and it was intended for children, so they were cheap.

「This, why don’t we buy it as a souvenir」


she’d definitely be happy…!」

And so, we bought cookies and cake as a souvenir for my younger sister.


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