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The next day, I immediately asked the needlework group to make gloves.

Speaking of gloves, for some reason, knit woolen gloves came to mind, but we had only recently procured wool and there was not a lot of it, so that would be impossible.

When I talked to both the needlework group and the adventurer group, they said that though the numbers were small, there were adventurers who would wear gloves.

However, since their sensations would grow dull, it seems that they only used them when harvesting or if they’re rearguards.

It seems that the materials for gloves was typically monster hide, but I was told that the finger part of the adult adventurer-sized ones could just barely be made, but the size for my younger sister would be difficult.

And the completed glove for my younger sister was similar to that of an oven mitt where the sections for the fingers all combined into one.

Pelt was used as the material, and it was made so that the fur was on the inside so that her hands would be warm and it became popular with the other children as they

 all wanted a pair, so the needlework group’s work increased.

「Alright, today’s contest is to see who can hunt the most!」


Today, we continued to hunt and harvest in Dragon Forest.

In the beginning, we were confused by various things, but soon, we grew accustomed to them and Cruz-kun and Queen began the usual hunting contest.

The wolf cubs and the Blue Tiger were also included in that, so the security of the surroundings was nearly flawless. 


「Chi chi chi」


While Cruz-kun and the others were hunting, we were harvesting.

When we first came here, an endless amount of monsters appeared, but because we had defeated a certain number of them, we were now able to do some harvesting.

My younger sister and the others searched for medicinal herbs and mushrooms, and the Wood Monkey, Silver Squirrel, and the others were up in the trees picking berries and fruits. 

As for me, I was cutting down trees.

We needed wood, so I was cutting them, but it was a place where almost no one came to, so they were larger than any of the trees that I’d ever come across and they were taller too.

As expected, I thought that it would be difficult to do it by myself, but making full use of my『Wind Magic』and『Item Box』, I was somehow able to to do it even if it was just me.

We were somehow able to manage the harvesting and lumbering somehow, but as expected, the mining was difficult.

It was not easy to find a new mining site because the places that could be mined were limited.

I tried asking Ojii-san just in case, but as expected, he said that he didn’t know.

We didn’t know if we could find one, but let’s try searching for a place where we could mine.

「Cruz-kun, be careful!」



Harvesting too much from the same place would be a problem, so we traveled slowly as we went, but the number of monsters that appeared gradually increased and we started to coordinate with each other.

In addition, the number of individuals that used magic increased, so it was a difficult battle.

Fortunately, the magic used was at an elementary level and was weak and no one was seriously injured, but even so, the number of attacks had increased, so Cruz-kun’s injuries had multiplied.

They were just scratches, so there weren’t any problems, but should I have brought Rin-chan with us

「Take this!」

I blocked the oncoming flames with a shield.

Because of the magic, the number of long distance attacks had increased, so I was in charge of blocking them with a shield.

Previously, there weren’t a lot of monsters that could launch long distance attacks, so we could dodge them, but as expected, it was now difficult to do so.

Having said that, I couldn’t have Cruz-kun hold the shield, so this was a troublesome problem.

Did I have to tame a familiar that protected people

With regards to the armor, it might be time to strengthen them.

They were enhanced and enchanted with various magic, but even so, they were equipment for novice adventurers, so this too was necessary.

After that, we continued our adventure, but Cruz-kun had injuries all over, so the adventure for the day came to an end.


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