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We immediately started our work.

And, as a result, the adventurer group and I were running around.

This was because the craftsmen groups needed materials for their work.

The adventurer group and I had to go get these materials.

However, the Kolbolds were harvesting the medicinal herbs, so that helped us out, but there were not enough containers for the potions, so it seems that we needed to procure some.

The adventurer group went to the guild to see if there were any escort requests, so I probably couldn’t ask them to go to the neighboring town to buy them.

Both the wood and the metals were insufficient, so we needed to go cut down some trees and go mining, but I couldn’t always have the woodworking group and the blacksmith group go get them, so we needed to do it ourselves. 

It seems that Queen had, without delay, taken the new wolves with her, so our escorts were the veteran wolves.

We rarely saw them, so this was perfect.

Pii-chan and the Shadow Owl were in the middle of training together.

As expected, we’ve come here many times, so the lumbering and mining went smoothly.

We’ve been going out with Ojii-san up until now, so our guardian this time was Obaa-san, which was rare.

Because of that, we put more effort into harvesting, so she taught us various tips and tricks.

Next time, I needed to teach the adventurers and the Kolbolds.

「I found mushrooms!」

「Obaa-chan, is this a medicinal herb too…」

「Alright, you guys, it’s a contest to see who can hunt the biggest prey!」


After the lumbering and mining was done, it had been several days and we left the forest with Obaa-san.

To a certain extent, when the materials had been gathered, then our work would be finished.

Although I said that, it wasn’t a problem no matter how much wood and medicinal herbs there were, so we leisurely walked around the forest.

My younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and the others were harvesting with Obaa-san, and Cruz-kun and the familiars were having fun hunting.

「Yelp yelp」

「Woof woof」

It’s been a while since we explored Dragon Forest, but now the Kolbolds had leveled up, so they could explore the area where we were, and we often passed by each other in the forest.

Perhaps they approached due to the smell, but there were many kids that I’ve met for the first time in a while, so I was really happy.

The Kolbolds came to harvest and hunt just like adventurers, so if the timing matched, then we could ask them to help us dismantle the prey that Cruz-kun and the others hunted.

Of course, we wouldn’t forget to give some to the Kolbolds as a present.

Or rather, in order to ask the Kolbolds for their help, we left the prey that Cruz-kun and the others hunted at their houses.

The dismantled meat made me remember it, but I asked the cooking group to make dried fish without using salt or spices.

I realized that it would be fine if I was there on the journey, but if I wasn’t, then the food for Queen and the wolves would be a problem.

It would be fine if there was a place to hunt and if there was time to do so, but there were definitely times when there weren’t, so we needed to take that into consideration.

While I was at it, I gave them seafood, so they would probably make various new dishes.

Sooner or later, it might be good to take some children who had the「Cooking」skill to the harbor city. 

A few days later, Queen, who had a refreshed look on her face, and the emaciated wolves gathered at the farm.

It seems that Queen’s training was over.

Their levels had only risen a little, but their skills had improved.


Queen had a request.

She said that they were already familiar with the monsters in this area, so she wanted to fight against a stronger opponent.

Certainly, it was Queen, who gave the impression that she was always hunting, but it seems that her level hadn’t risen at all recently.

In addition, Pii-chan had also said that it wanted to train and asking Ojii-san, it might be alright to go a little deeper into the forest.


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