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The next morning, we quickly departed for the farm.

Incidentally, today’s breakfast is crab rice soup.

Though I called it rice soup, there was no rice, so it was assorted grains such as barley, but the flavor of the seafood was condensed and it was extremely delicious. 

TN: there is a difference between rice porridge (okayu) and rice soup (zousui).

Japanese-style rice porridge typically consists of just rice and water, with various toppings you can add according to one’s taste.

On the other hand, for rice soup, you add whatever you want into it during the cooking process, so the Japanese rice soup is quite similar to the Chinese congee in this regard. 

When we arrived at the farm, or rather, Ojii-san’s house, we greeted the wolves.

There were a lot of them.

There were about fifty They were all standing in a row, so it was quite impressive.

Rather, what’s with these wolves!

We asked the children at the farm, but they said that they had increased before anyone realized it.

However, there were only about ten of them who had been turned into familiars.

If there’s something I didn’t know, I could only ask, so I asked Queen to talk to them.


「Growl growl」「Woof」

When Queen barked, the ones who answered her were the wolves that had been there since the beginning, but halfway through, a wolf, who seemed to be a young one, started barking and headed towards Queen.

We were surprised, but Queen was composed and beat the attacking wolf at its own game.

「Queen, are you alright」


It seems that Queen was unharmed.

After that, we were able to ask about the wolves without any issues, but it seems that the remaining wolves had absorbed them from another pack and their numbers had increased to this many.

And, the wolf that just attacked Queen had just come recently and it seems that it thought that the pack leader was a wolf from the group that had remained here and it didn’t like how Queen was being so self-important.

The boss of this pack, or rather, this group of familiars was Queen, but in order to let the newly-come wolves who the boss was, Queen baptized them with training.

Come to think of it, Pii-chan wanted to train as well, so would they do it together

After that, I looked around the farm and the number of Big Kokkos and Milhorns were increasing, and a number of the Kolbolds had big bellies as well.

There were some among the wolves that had paired up as well, so after familiarizing themselves with this place, they would probably have babies.

After looking at the familiars, I discussed with them about the harbor city’s orphanage.

The merchant group, the adventurer group, the woodworking group, the blacksmith group, the needlework group, the pharmacist group, and the working children were all gathered together.

Most of them had grown up, and since they were about to become adults, they were all part of the clan.

The new orphanage also functioned as a shop, so they thought about their future and wanted to do as much as they could by themselves.

Firstly, I talked to everyone who was assembled here about what had happened up until now.

Everyone approved of turning it into an orphanage, so I gave a sigh of relief, and they had also agreed to turning it into a shop in order to keep running the orphanage.

Continuing on, we discussed the future arrangements.

Overall, there was not much difference in what we had been doing all along.

The woodworking group would make tableware and build buildings, and I knew that the wood from Dragon Forest was expensive, so let’s have them come up with something that could be used.

I asked the blacksmith group to make pots, knives, weapons, armor, and tools for carpentry. 

I asked the needlework group to make clothes while giving them the wool I obtained from the bear peddler’s village.

The goods, rather, if there was a use for it, then I would check to see if it could be obtained from a farming village or something.

The pharmacist group was encouraged to make potions, which were best-selling items.

For the adventurer group, it would probably be gathering materials and escort practice.

The adventurer group with the most experience went to the harbor city, so I needed them to gain experience by taking on escort requests. 

And finally, the merchant group.

The things that they needed to do were not any different from before, but the scope, rather, their range of responsibilities had increased, so it was probably difficult for them.

They might be at a disadvantage due to the lack of experience, but that too was experience.

Thanks to Ojii-san, there was a surplus in money to a certain extent, so I’d like them to do their best in the future.


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