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The next day, we departed from the village.

As one would expect, we could not stay there for so many days, and the reason why we came here in the first place was due to the request for honey wine.

It seems that that request had somehow been completed before anyone realized it.

Honey could be stored for a long time, so we asked them to make as much as they could, and it was decided that we would come and get it several months after the honey wine had been completed.

In addition, a villager would let us know about the situation when they came to Frey Town.

Actually, the bear peddler was not the exclusive merchant as the former adventurers took turns to go peddling, and it just happened to be his turn.

Certainly, the village head going out to peddle all year round would be bad.

Including the bear peddler, all of the former adventurers were high-ranked, so they could take turns, but it would normally be impossible.

The villagers gathered at the village entrance to bid goodbye.

The adults gathered around Ojii-san, and the village children surrounded my younger sister and the others, bidding farewell.

「The honey wine, I’m looking forward to it.」

「If there’s good wine, let me know.」

「Let’s drink together when I come here again.」

「Come play again!」

「I’ll come again….」

「I’ll definitely come again!」

「Let’s go on an adventure in the forest again!」

Un, though everyone was parting, we were not sad and were looking forward to their next meeting.




And, the only ones near me were just the familiars.

Certainly, I was working by myself in the village most of the time, but I was a bit lonely….



As I was thinking this, the young lamb and the young kid came running, though I did not know how they slipped out.

They came closer to me and nuzzled their heads against me.

「You guys came to see me off」

「Meeh!」「Meeh! Meeh!」

Perhaps, they liked the roof that I had made above the hole that had been occupied as a change of pace during my break from making the ice house

This was a farewell, so I secretly took out medicinal herbs from Dragon Forest and fodder from my『Item Box』.

The two animals started eating them happily.

As I was doing this, my younger sister became aware of the situation over here and

「Onii-chan, that’s not fair~.」

brought everyone over and the farewell became noisy.

All things came to an end, and it was later than expected, but we departed from the village.

The Seacat was a newcomer, but everyone, for some reason, was walking happily.

Actually, we wanted to do a little harvesting as we went, but as one would expect, we were late in returning, so we had to endure it.

No, rather, we were jogging back.

「Fumu, if it’s with these members, then it’s not a problem.」

We descended the mountain while jogging and just after we had almost come down, Ojii-san gathered everyone around.

And, after muttering a few words, he sent everyone flying using magic.

「Ah~, this is comfortable.」

「Ojii-chan, amazing!」

「Th, thank you….」

We were relatively at ease, so it was good, but Cruz-kun and Queen were still not good with air travel and they were trembling with their tails between their legs.

Looking beside me, Pii-chan was flying happily, and the Seacat was next to us as well.

「Ah, that, isn’t that the harbor」

After flying in the sky for a few hours, we were soon able to see the sea that was in the distance and in the blink of an eye, we were able to see the harbor as well.

「Even though it took a few days to get there, we returned quickly.」

「That’s true, it’s all thanks to Ojii-san.

If Cruz-kun and Queen are fine with it, then we might be able to fly more.」

My younger sister was delighted, but in the end, this time, Cruz-kun and Queen were still trembling the entire time.

As one would expect, we couldn’t descend into the town like that, so we landed in an inconspicuous place, and after waiting for Queen to recover, we left on the wolf cart.

We arrived at the town, and it was already past noon, so we headed to the fishermen’s place, which was where everyone went.

There, everyone was drying the fish and processing the crabs.

However, something unexpected happened.

Including those who stayed behind, there were probably more than thirty people working there.


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