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「Then, are you digging a hole in the cliff」


although I said that, I didn’t get permission yet, so I was about to check to see if I could.」

Because I was going to make an ice house in the cliff, I tried to get permission from San-san.

「That kind of storehouse would be convenient, so alright.

If you’re going to make it, then you can do it at the edge of the farm, but be careful of landslides, alright」

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

I successfully got permission, so let’s promptly get to work!

As I was thinking this, Ojii-san and the others called out to me.

「Hey, Shuu, it would be difficult for you to do it by yourself, right I’ll help you too!」

「Also, explaining it to the villagers would be troublesome, so I, the village head, will help as well!」

Obviously, the two people were saying things that they normally didn’t say.

Maa, I didn’t want to make San-san any more angry than she already was, so I was going to run away, but San-san probably wouldn’t approve of such a thing.

「If you need help, ask the other villagers.

I’m still in the middle of talking to you guys, you know」

Which was what she said with a smile.

The black aura hidden underneath that smile was scary, so after saying,「Then I’ll be going!」, I ran off.

Arriving at my destination, a lamb and a kid were occupying the hole as if it belonged to them.

TN: a kid is a young goat.

Could also be a young child, who knows.

「I’m going to be working here now, so can you make way」

「Meeh!」「Meeeh!」「Meeh! Meeh!」

Perhaps they understood my words, as the young animals shook their heads in refusal.

「It can’t be helped, maybe I should dig somewhere else.」

I went to a place that was a little further away, and started to open up a hole.

Perhaps it was because I’d done it before, so I had some experience, as I was able to open it up much faster than before.

After that, I continued on as I hardened the walls of the hole in order to prevent a landslide, and created a room that was as large as six tatami mats. 

TN; in Japan, people usually measure things, especially the size of a room, by how many tatami mats.

Each tatami mat is about 1.82 sqm or 1.54 sqm.

A tatami is a straw mat that covers the floor

「What are you doing in a place like this」

As I was taking a break after making a room, the villager who was on duty at the farm realized that something was going on and approached me.

「Um, I’m making a warehouse.

If I put ice in it, it should be cool even in the summertime….」

「Come to think of it, San-san was just talking about it.

So it’s this, huh.」

Landslides were scary, so I told them not to come too close just in case, and I also let them know about the two animals that were occupying the hole.

The villager apologized, but said that there was no need to worry since it was a proper hole that was made as an experiment.

After parting with the villager, taking care to not let it collapse, I worked until dusk and was able to make another one, resulting in an ice house that was as big as two rooms.

Returning to the tent, I told the villagers about the ice house and it became a popular topic of conversation.

Because I, who was not even ten years old, had dug into the cliff using magic.

I had completely forgotten about it, but I was still a child, so it was rare for me to be able to use magic like this.

For the time being, I tried to gloss it over by saying that I was Ojii-san’s student, and surprisingly, the villagers believed me. 

The beastkin and beastman villagers were unfamiliar with the magic used by each race, so when I said that I was the student of a high-ranked adventurer, their response was「Heeh~, so that’s how it is~」.

The villagers who used to be adventurers perceived Ojii-san’s unusual aura and responded with「That should be the case if he’s that person’s student」.

I, who was somehow able to deceive them, taught the villagers how to use the ice house, and there was an ice magic tool, so I asked them to make a door and a pillar to prevent it from caving in. 

And, when the surroundings grew dark, the children returned from the forest and brought back lots of prey and a mountain of forest delicacies. 


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