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After finishing a simple lunch that consisted of soup and bread, I went to look at the animals with my younger sister and the others as my guides. 

Ojii-san went with the bear peddler and his wife to go look for the people who made wine in the village.

The taste differed depending on the person who made it, so that seemed interesting in itself. 

The farm was on the outskirts of the village, and each of the animals raised by the villagers were all there.

It seems that the management of the animals was done in turns and they did not take care of them every day, so there was not much of a burden and the villagers too could afford them.

However, there were those who wanted to come every day, so there was no meaning in taking turns. 

「Ooh~, there’s really a lot.」

Frey Town had goats as well.

To tell you the truth, my younger sister and I grew up drinking goat milk.

However, goat milk was expensive, so most of the time, we were drinking the milk that the mother of Director-sensei’s acquaintance had shared with us. 

「Onii-chan, those children are super fluffy!」

Aah, that was the sheep that they were talking about yesterday, huh.

The animals here were basically the same as the ones that I knew, so I was a little nostalgic. 

Even so, my younger sister was so excited, perhaps she had not seen a sheep before …come to think of it, even a goat could not be seen in Frey Town I knew that they were there, but they did not roam around in other towns and villages either, so there was no possibility of seeing them, huh….

「Western-style clothing made from them is warm.」

Un, I wanted a sheep for our farm as well.

It might be good to turn a sheep monster into my familiar as well, but did such a monster exist They should, since animals could turn into monsters.

In addition, the Kolbolds seemed used to the work, so even if there were more monsters, they’ll definitely be alright.

「Onii-chan, we can’t touch those children」

Perhaps she was extremely interested in them, as my younger sister asked this because she wanted to touch them.

As one would expect, we probably wouldn’t be able to get permission from China-chan and perhaps we could only go look for someone

「Um, there is a hut over there, so I’ll ask!」

As I was thinking that, China-chan said that she knew a place where there were people and brought us over.

After talking with the person there, we could touch the animals.

Perhaps everyone was familiar with taking care of the Milhorns and the Big Kokkos, as the animals didn’t seem to be feeling stressed, so I was relieved.

「Um~, can we buy wool here」

Taking the opportunity, I tried to acquire the wool.

「Ou, as long as you have money, I can sell it to you.

However, maa, there are times when it can’t be sold as well though.」

Ooh, I could buy it, huh.

It was probably a source of income for this village, so I thought that it would be difficult, but I was disappointed.

It was probably due to the obligation of selling the wool to the place they usually sold it to, the production output, as well as the wool not being sheared in the winter, so I needed to talk with them about those circumstances. 

Afterwards, we had a feast after we played with the sheep, goats, and horses.

Several villagers had been cooking since noon, so unlike the usual meat that was just grilled, there was an assortment.

Ojii-san drank the wine made by every household to make a comparison and was in a good mood.

Before I knew it, Queen too had received a grilled chunk of meat and was eating it as if it was delicious.

We secretly ate the fruits from Dragon Forest, mainly the village children, and it was an extremely fun party.


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