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「Nn, could it be, Guy You finally came back, huh!」

「Ou, long time no see! How is everyone doing」

Approaching the village, the gatekeeper at the village entrance exchanged greetings with the bear peddler.

This gatekeeper, was at a reasonable age, but this person was obviously strong and if I was told that he was not a gatekeeper, but a soldier or knight from somewhere, I would agree with that statement.

「So, those guys behind you are visitors」

After speaking a few words with the bear peddler, the gatekeeper turned the conversation towards us.

「Aah, they’re my guests and business partners.」

「Business partners!」

To be told that a group full of children were business partners, of course he would be surprised.

However, could we go inside soon; the processing of the prey that we hunted was troublesome.

「We’ll talk about it later, but can you call everyone in the village over As you can see, there is a lot of luggage, and if they don’t help us, it will get dark.」

The gatekeeper saw us holding a deer, a wild boar, and a large amount of birds and went to call the villagers. 

Perhaps it was because he informed them starting from a nearby house, as the villagers quickly came and they welcomed the bear peddler home.

The bear peddler too happily responded with「I’m home」.

A while later, everyone from the village gathered, so without any delay, they helped with the dismantling.

We usually headed straight to having a party after the greetings, but perhaps the dinner preparations had already been completed as it was already so late because smoke and nice smells were drifting out from each house, so we decided to have the party tomorrow.

The preys to be dismantled were the deer and the wild boar, but there were a lot of birds, so we distributed one bird to each house and had them each do it.

They could dismantle them now and have it as a side dish for dinner, or they could also choose to cook it tomorrow.


TN: anata typically means ‘you’, but between partners, it would be an endearment, which could mean either ‘dear’ or ‘honey’, but because they are bears, I opted for ‘honey’ 

As we were dismantling them, someone could be heard shouting from far away.

Coming over here were…bears So perhaps they were the bear peddler’s family

「Otou-san, welcome home!」

「Ou, how have you been」

The bear cub ran up to the bear peddler and jumped up at him.

Was she the bear peddler’s child

After talking with his family that he hadn’t seen in a long time, the three people came over and greeted us.

His wife’s name was San-san.

It seems that daughter’s name was China-chan.

TN: please note that the daughter’s name is not pronounced with a long-i sound like the country but with a short-i sound like in the word chin. 

After reuniting with her father, China-chan had already been captured by my younger sister and they started the dismantling together with the children from the village.

The children were all of different ages and there were some who were younger than me as well as some who were about the same age as Cruz-kun and the others.

In addition, there were beastkins like China-chan, and rabbit-clan beastmen like Ilya-chan.

Moreover, there were humans like me as well, so it seems that there was no discrimination in this village. 

When the dismantling was just about done, the villagers went home one after another.

I suddenly realized that it was already so late. 

「Come to think of it, this village, is there an inn here」

That’s right, we hadn’t determined where we would stay yet.

When we checked with the bear peddler, it seemed that there was no inn as this was a small rural village. 

We were told to stay at his house, but as expected, it would be impossible for six people to suddenly stay over at someone’s house. 

「Then, we will be staying in a tent today as well.」

「That’s right, it should be safe if we borrowed the plaza.」

「Then, there’s no need to make preparations for the meal either.」

The bed was the same as yesterday’s, so we immediately got to work.

After that was getting permission to use the plaza, but when we tried asking the bear peddler, we were told to use it as we liked.

When we asked if we needed to check with the village head, we were surprised to hear that the bear peddler was the village head.

Rather, was it alright for the village head to go peddling for several months!


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