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「I won’t lose~!」

「Hah hah hah!」

Early in the afternoon, the weather was nice and Queen and Cruz-kun were competing.

Cruz-kun was running, and Queen was pulling the wolf cart, and of course, the wolf cart had support magic cast on it to make it lighter.

If not, even Queen would not win against Cruz-kun.

As for the reason why they were having a competition, it was because we were heading to the bear peddler’s village.

There was no reason to run, but Cruz-kun had free time, and right now, he was running in a meadow and not on a road that veered off the main path.

I thought that the wolf cart would break if Queen ran seriously, but not only did I use magic to strengthen it, but the wood from Dragon Forest was much stronger than I thought, so it could do this.

「Hey, Cruz, run properly!」

「Quee~n, do your best~.」

「Do your best….」

My younger sister and the others encouraged them from the wolf cart.

This time, the journey consisted of the usual four people Sakuya-chan, Ojii-san and the bear peddler, Queen and Pii-chan, as well as a new familiar.

The others were house-sitting in the port city.

We discussed it yesterday as we ate the crabs, but as expected, we were told that the Commerce Guild would take some time.

Besides, the two cat beastkins were also recuperating and I would be a little anxious if we took them with us.

In that case, I proposed that a small number of people would go to the bear peddler’s village and return.

In the beginning, everyone opposed it, but considering the waiting time in the porty city, they somehow accepted it.

「Shoot, I didn’t win.」

Before I realized it, the competition between Queen and Cruz-kun ended in Queen’s victory.

For her to win even though we were riding the wolf cart…Queen, was a terrifying child.

After the match, we took a break and then departed.

For some reason, the one pulling the wolf cart was Cruz-kun.

I was told that this was the punishment for losing.


Even though it became lighter because of the magic, if Cruz-kun ran while pulling the wolf cart, then he would become stronger as well.

I was thinking this while looking at Ojii-san occasionally removing the magic, making the wolf cart heavier, and training Cruz-kun.

This time, there was a small number of people and he was running directly to the nearby place and not on the main road.

Because of that, I hoped that we would be able to hunt along the way, but we only came across rabbits and birds, so Pii-chan and the new familiar, a Seacat, detected them early and subjugated them, which led to us having nothing to do. 

TN: in Japanese, seagulls are called ‘umineko’, meaning sea cat.

This Seacat, was one of the many sea birds flying above the sea, but we were moving to a place further away, so thinking of using it as a carrier pigeon, I turned the bird monster into my familiar. 

There were a lot of them, so I would be able to catch one quickly, was what I thought, but turning it into a familiar was unexpectedly troublesome.

Because this Seacat’s level was high.

Because of this, we, who had few countermeasures against flying monsters even under normal circumstances, struggled. 

And, because Pii-chan had a good rival now, it hunted with the Seacat.

The Seacat did not look very aggressive, but its high level and experience up until now was enough for it to compete with Pii-chan.

Now then, this Seacat, while I was thinking about why its level was so high, I realized something and confirmed the reason.

That was the two cat beastkins leveling up.

The two of them were young, so naturally, their level was at one or two, but after helping us boil the crabs, their levels rose before I knew it.

Though I called them crabs, they were the monsters known as Rock Crabs, so if you defeated them, you would naturally gain experience, but the act of boiling the crabs being considered an attack as well was unexpected.

If the animals and the plants in the forest and the birds in the sky were monsters, then it wouldn’t be strange for there to be fish monsters in the sea (river) as well.

Rather, I would understand why the fishermen’s levels were high.

The form of the fisherman holding the harpoon that I saw when I first met him was probably due to the experience of fighting the fish countless times.

Looking at the fish that they caught, as expected, there were a few monsters and those that had a magic core, but they existed.

Getting permission from the fisherman, I dismantled it and processed it, but it was smaller than that of a Goblin’s, so perhaps the fishermen did not notice that they were monsters either.

That’s how the mystery of the Seacat’s level was solved, so I asked the house-sitting group to let the two cat beastkins help as much as possible, and train them so that they would be able to withstand the journey.

I would be happy if they somehow became level 10 though….


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