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「Oii! It can’t be, they’re all Rock Crabs!」

Carrying a large amount of crabs, that fisherman called out to us. 

「Yes, you told us how to hunt it, so that helped a lot!」

Perhaps it was shock or perhaps it was bewilderment, as the fisherman had a complex look on his face, but it was because of the crabs, so it couldn’t be helped!

「So, I’d like to take the opportunity to ask you to teach us how to eat it, but….」

「A, aah, then I’ll go ask kaa-chan.」

Saying that, the fisherman headed towards the buildings.

While the fisherman went to ask, we were organizing the crabs.

We sorted it by their size and whether they were alive or dead.

Living creatures couldn’t be put into my Item Box, so we could only grill or boil the crabs.

I’ve only bought frozen foods in Japan, so I didn’t know how to tie the crabs up.

As we were sorting them out, the fisherman came to call us. 

「Ou, she said that she would cook it for you! Come with me!」

Carrying the crabs and following after the fisherman, his wife was waiting for us with a large pot prepared. 

TN: previously, the fisherman said, “kaa-chan”, which means mom, but it could also be referring to his wife.

Here, ‘oku-sama’ is used, which means wife, so presumably, it’s his wife.

A lot of Japanese people refer to their significant other as mother/father, so it can be somewhat confusing.

Rock Crabs were rarely caught, but it seems that they had prepared a large pot for when they were captured.

Rock Crabs were big, so they would not fit into a pot that was for household-use. 

However, we had caught too many Rock Crabs, and for a large pot that could only boil one at a time, it would take too much time.

So, I took out a drum.

Maa, only the shape of it was similar and it wasn’t exact, but this was what I had made beforehand, thinking of using it to take a bath, a drum bath, during the journey.

Actually, because we were traveling on the main road and there were a lot of people, there was no good time to use it….

TN: a drum is a big metal can and technically, you could take a bath in it.

Just put water in it and put the drum over the fire to heat up the water and you could wash yourself in it.

Anyway, the drum that I took out was perfect for boiling the crabs and the boiling speed was fast. 

Just when they were completely boiled, the fishermen who went out to fish came back in twos and threes, but everyone came over here, lured by the smell of crabs.

In the next second, the fisherman who helped me ask the others called out to me, and helped me negotiate so that I was able to buy the angling fish.

The results of the negotiations: we decided to barter the crabs and fish.

As expected, the crabs had more value, so we exchanged not just today’s portion, but several days’ portion.

The fishermen were also happy to do so, so it was a good deal.


Pii-chan arrived in the middle of the negotiations with the fishermen.

It seems that the merchant group and the adventurer group had asked it to come and it seems that it came in search of us.

It had become dark when they realized that we were late in returning, so it seems that they were worried. 

Cruz-kun, my younger sister, and even Sakuya-chan seemed like they wanted to eat the crabs, so I asked Pii-chan to bring everyone over. 

It was decided that we would have dinner here, so let’s ask the wife to make fish as well

Night time, though I said that, it was still early in the evening, but Ojii-san and the fishermen were already very drunk.

Unable to control themselves around the boiled crabs, my younger sister and the others started eating, Ojii-san started drinking with the crab being his snack, and the fishermen, whose work had been finished, had gathered and joined the party that we usually threw. 

Perhaps it was because there were fishermen who got up early, as we had dinner early and it was finished earlier than usual. 

At that time, the merchant group and the adventurer group both came and enjoyed the crabs to their heart’s content.

In addition to us, the fishermen, that family, Queen, and the others ate the crabs, but there were still crabs that had yet to be boiled remaining, so I asked them to boil them as well, and that day ended pleasantly.


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