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「It smells really good.」


「「「Hah hah hah!」」」

Cruz-kun, Queen, and the wolf cubs were wagging their tails as they approached the Rock Crab.

「It smells good!」

「I’m hungry nya.」


Looking in the direction from which the voices came from, the three cat sisters, who were enticed by the smell, were walking unsteadily.

Certainly, this smell strongly seduced one’s empty stomach.

「Hey, can this be eaten」

Unable to take it, Cruz-kun asked this, not directing the question towards anyone.

I knew that it wasn’t poisonous, but whether it was edible or not was another issue.

I turned towards Ojii-san who seemed to be the most knowledgeable out of all of us, but

「Fu~mu, I don’t know either.」

was what he said.

When something like this happens, going to the Adventurer Guild to inquire would be the quickest way, but there were people nearby who seemed to know, so let’s go over there first.

「You guys defeated it」

When we walked over to the fisherman to ask about the crab, he immediately called out to us.

“It” referred to the crab that Cruz-kun and the three cat sisters were carrying over their shoulders.

「Yes, that’s right.

So, there’s something that I wanted to ask, but….」

「Aah, before that, that’s a Rock Crab, right You guys went to the rocky area Judging from appearances, it seems that no one is injured, but Rock Crabs conceal themselves there, so it’s dangerous! It’s better to not go near there.」

It seems that he was worried about us.

Maa, we were all children and we fought with a monster.

Of course he would be.

「Sure enough, that place, is it dangerous Thanks to Queen…my familiar who noticed it, we’re fine, but it’s a dangerous place.」

「Aah, its strength is no big deal, but it’s hard to find.

I should’ve told you guys, sorry about that.」

「No, no, we’re not injured, so please don’t worry about it.

So, this Rock Crab Can it be eaten」

「This Of course you can eat it.

No matter if you boil it or grill it, it’s delicious!」





Hearing the fisherman’s words, Cruz-kun and the three cat sisters were extremely happy.

We could eat it now, but if we ate it by ourselves, the merchant group and the adventurer group would be pitiful.

Besides, I wanted to eat crab.

So we could only hunt it.

「Um, is there a method to hunting Rock Crab or something」

I tried asking the fisherman to see if there was a way to hunt crabs.

This crab was dangerous because they couldn’t be found, so if we found it, we only needed to be careful of their pincers, so it seemed relatively simple.

「Then, attack the place with mana!」

In the rocky area, there were responses nearby, so I used magic to throw the stone.

Fire and lightning were good as well, but if I made a mistake on the strength, it would become grilled crab, so it couldn’t be helped.

Perhaps it was because it was angry after I had thrown rocks at it multiple times, as the Rock Crab raised its pincers, so I used that as reference.


Cruz-kun’s hammer that he swung down sank into the area around the Rock Crab’s head() and he was able to defeat it. 

This was one way to defeat it.

However, I think it would be difficult to boil the crab if you did it like this. 

The next one was just a little troublesome, but we would be able to get plump Rock Crabs.

However, it was a little dangerous, so I asked Cruz-kun and Queen to do their best.

As for the process, Queen would press it down from behind, and Cruz-kun would just tie up its pincers with string.

We needed to get near it, so the degree of danger rose, but once they were familiar with it, it seemed easy to do.

It was a good thing that the Rock Crabs almost never move from that place, so we continued to hunt them as long as time allowed.

Thanks to that, we were able to obtain a large amount of crabs.


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