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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

When I checked my status,

[Familiar: Horned Rabbit]

had been added.

Was this that Was this the same as what had happened with Pii-chan

「You, did you become my familiar」

「Kyui!! (Mama)」

Uwah~, it was indeed the same….

Which meant, you tame monsters by pouring in mana

No, maybe, it might be pouring it into the demon nucleus (core).

It might be limited to children since it had called me Mama. 

Rather, this was not the time to be thinking about such things.

I needed to think about what to do with this Horned Rabbit. 

Even though I said that, there was no other choice than for me to bring it home with me…. 

For now, it was weak, so I needed to give it some food.

「Hey, can you eat this」

I pointed out the medicinal herbs that were next to the Horned Rabbit to it.


In the blink of any eye, the Horned Rabbit finished eating.

「If youre still hungry, eat the nearby flowers.」

When I said that, the Horned Rabbit started eating while wandering around near me. 

Now then, what should I do now….

To be honest, it was probably not difficult to raise a Horned Rabbit.

From what I could see, it seemed fine with food that normal rabbits ate, so we could raise it well by way of the orphanages garden. 

As such, Dragon Forest would be an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

However, even though I did my best to get food for Pii-chan, I did not catch a single animal and conversely, had increased the number of familiars….

It seems that Director-sensei would be more exasperated than angry.

After that, the Horned Rabbit and I went around several places to pick fruits and other things.

I collected a large amount of grass feed as I confirmed it with the Horned Rabbit and then we returned to the orphanage. 

When I returned to the orphanage, my younger sister had been waiting.

And then, when she discovered the Horned Rabbit at my feet, 

「A rabbit!!!」

she dashed over.

Of course, Pii-chan also drew near. 

At first, the Horned Rabbit was vigilant, but after it stared at the two people (), it went closer.

It probably understood somehow that they were both familiars.

As everyone was gushing over the Horned Rabbit, loud footsteps could be heard. 

When I turned to look, the rabbit beastman Ilya-chan was running over. 

When she came to where we were, she was gasping for air 

「Whats going on, with, that, Horned, Rab, bit!!」

「Eeh! Th, that, it seems that I had gotten another familiar….」

「Then, I will look after this child!」

「Eeh! But, I didnt get Director-senseis permission yet….」

「Ill do it for you!!」

Having said that, she quickly ran off. 

The usually quiet Ilya-chan running like that, it was the first Ive seen it….

Did she want to raise the Horned Rabbit that much

Or rather, both the Little Eagle and the Horned Rabbit were my familiars though….

After that, we went to where Director-sensei was, but she had already heard about it from Ilya-chan and we easily received permission to keep the Horned Rabbit.

Or perhaps I should say, Director-sensei had also been surprised by Ilya-chans excitement. 

After talking with Director-sensei, Ilya-chan appeared out of nowhere, holding the Horned Rabbit, and was nuzzling it.

If you looked closely, they were cuddling each other. 

「Starting today, your name will be Miu!!」

Once again, they had been named.

Its fine since it didnt dislike it, but it was my familiar though….


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