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Today was a rest day.

Though I said that, the adventurer group went out to go hunting, bringing along Queen and the others.

Together with the adventurers from the beastmen district.

Queen and the others didn’t have anything to do and they seemed free, and Pii-chan couldn’t fly either, so it seems that they were stressed.

The beastmen district’s adventurers showed them places where they could hunt, so they could vent a little.

However, Ojii-san and Cruz-kun were with them as well, so I was a little worried that they would go overboard….

It seems that the merchant group went around the shops in the beastmen district.

There were still a lot of goods in my Item Box, so it would be good to sell them, and it would be most satisfactory if I could find a bargain.

It seems that the bear peddler will go with me, so would it be alright if he were to be my escort

And, the reason why today was a rest day, was because of my younger sister’s mood.

It seems that the reactions that she received from the soldiers and shopkeepers ever since coming to the imperial capital had given her a lot of stress, so I wanted her to cheer up, even if it’s a little bit.

Cruz-kun vented through hunting, and Ilya-chan didn’t care about things like that to begin with.

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan were still young, so they were not accustomed to such things and were not happy.

I wanted them to be happy, but unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done about it.

It couldn’t be helped, so why don’t I make them a toy or something

I took out the wood from my Item Box and started shaving it. 

「Onii-chan, what are you making」

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan, who were curious about working in the plaza, came along.

Behind them was Ilya-chan.

「I’m making something that you can play with.

Look forward to it.」


「Look forward to it….」

For now, it seems that they were curious, so I just had to complete it. 

And what I had made were these.  A spinning top, kendama, stilts, and bamboo-copter.

The material wasn’t bamboo, so I wasn’t sure if I could give them these names though….

For now, what I could make for them now were things like these

TN: 竹馬 could mean hobby horse or stilts, but I’ll go with stilts for now There is also the word for ‘bamboo’ in the kanji, which was why Shuu said that.

The kendama (cup-and-ball game) is relatively famous, but the bamboo-copter is basically two “helicopter blades” attached to a long stick that would fly if you spun it between your hands

Maa, although I called them spinning tops, I had made something similar to acorn spinning tops, and the ball and cups of the kendama were a little distorted, but if they’re just playing, then there’s no problem.

TN: the acorn spinning tops are made by drilling a stick into the top of an acorn to make a spinning top

My younger sister and the others were playing as I made and improved them and the children from the beastmen district gathered, so they played together.

The children seemed to be having fun as well, so I was glad.

Unlike the children from the hidden village, there was no place for them to play here, so they seemed really happy.

They were easy to make, so later, let’s teach it to the adults.

It would be good if someday, the children could make them themselves and play with them.

As they were playing, the merchant group returned.

They said that they were going to look around the shops, but it seems that here, there was only one shop, and they made various connections.

Among them, it seems that there was a merchant who was familiar with the imperial capital, and through their connections, they were able to procure various things, so tomorrow, they were going to go with them to buy them.

That friendly merchant had no prejudice against beastmen, so tomorrow, my younger sister and the others could probably have fun as well.

Incidentally, they would be coming to the beastmen district, which gave me peace of mind.

When the discussions were over, the sun was setting, and as we were thinking about returning, the adventurer group came back.

Each of them were carrying large prey….

Seeing that, the children were delighted, but as expected, it would take time to dismantle this amount, so just as I was about to have Ojii-san put them away, he said that there was already more than two times this amount that was put away….

Perhaps tomorrow’s dismantling would be a gathering of beastmen


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