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「I can finally see it!」

Hearing the words of Cruz-kun, who was running around outside, everyone inside the horse carriage peeked at the place ahead.

「Oh~, that’s the imperial capital, huh.」

「Onii-chan! What’s that in the middle」

「It should be, the castle.

The king’s house.」


Those from the orphanage were a little excited at seeing the imperial capital for the first time.

The bear peddler was a matter of course, and Sakuya-chan too had been brought here by Ojii-san and had seen it before.

However, at that time, they had been flying, so it seems that she didn’t see it up close. 

Being able to see the imperial capital, everyone descended from the horse carriage and decided to walk there.

In order to cut back on time up until now, we had no choice but to ride in the horse carriage.

if we walked, then we would slow down, but we were able to see the imperial capital, so we should arrive before the day was over.

I thought that we would be walking leisurely, but as expected, being able to see our destination, everyone naturally picked up the pace. 

In doing so, I thought that we would arrive earlier than expected, but…we did not! In the end, when we arrived at the imperial capital, it was in the afternoon.


「It’s big.」

「It’s kind of amazing.」

Arriving at the imperial capital, we lined up to enter.

The imperial capital was surrounded by a wall that was over ten meters. 

Perhaps it was because it was in the center of the country or it was because there were gates in all four cardinal directions, but there were inspections and entering would take time. 

「At the very least, the king of this country lives there.」

The bear peddler explained various things as we waited. 

The imperial capital had a three-layer structure, from the outside to the outer wall, the imperial capital district, the inner wall, the aristocratic district, the castle wall, and the castle.

We were only able to go to the imperial capital district and it seems that only the nobles or wealthy merchants and top-ranking adventurers were able to go to the aristocratic district.

If it was Ojii-san, then he should be able to enter easily if he accepted requests.

Rather, if we weren’t at Ojii-san’s level, then the aristocratic district would have nothing to do with us.

「Hey, we can’t enter from the gate over there」

When it was almost our turn, Cruz-kun asked this.

The gate that Cruz-kun pointed at was smaller than the one at which we were lining up at, but it was flashy.

「Aah, that is the gate for nobles.

They said that there was no way we could let the nobles line up.

Of course, the royal family uses it too.」

I see, but again, this had nothing to do with us.

No, rather, we shouldn’t be too close to it. 

I warned everyone so that they wouldn’t approach it.

Especially Cruz-kun.

After that, as the bear peddler told us various things, it was soon our turn and we were able to enter the imperial capital without any incidents.

「Somehow, it felt uncomfortable.」

「I don’t like that oji-san!」

「Me too….」

We did enter without any problems, but Ilya-chan and the others were in an extremely bad mood.

This was because they had received an entrance inspection, but the soldiers were clearly condescendingly looking down at 

Ilya-chan, Cruz-kun, my younger sister, and Sakuya-chan who was with them. 

Of course, their reaction towards us was different.

The discrimination was too much, so I wanted to complain, but before I could do that, Ojii-san released his murderous intent and resolved it. 

Because of that, I thought that the soldiers would say something, but seeing Ojii-san’s Adventurer Guild ID, they fell silent. 

「U~n, unlike Frey Town, this might be harsh for Cruz-kun and the others.」


I don’t really want to come here.」

「Coming here many times would be troublesome.」

My younger sister was in a bad mood, so perhaps we could ask the adventurer group to help us if we had any business to take care of.

「Maa, there’s nothing you can do about it no matter how much you worry about it, let’s look for an inn or something!」

For now, we decided to search for an inn.


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