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It seems that the adventurer group noticed us as well and called out to us.

Actually, I needed to ask about this group of people, so we headed towards where Queen and the others were.

「You’re late.」

「Un, it’s because we were looking at various shops.

Rather than that, what’s with this crowd」

「Hey, looking closely, the person over there, aren’t they from the Commerce Guild」

The adventurer group started talking to us, and after I asked them about the crowd, the merchant group children said something.

「Maa, they probably are.

Also, someone from the Adventurer Guild and if I remember correctly, someone from the butcher shop should have come as well.」

U~n, just why were they all here

「Hey, is that mountain of prey what I think it is」

「That is the result of Queen, the foolish Cruz, and the others’ efforts….」

It seems that the mountain of wild boars, deer, and birds that Ilya-chan noticed was the work of Queen and the wolf cubs, Pii-chan, and Cruz-kun who had hunted enthusiastically.

When I asked about how this had happened, it was the same old story.

In the beginning, the adventurer group left town to hunt for meat. 

Joining up with Queen and the others who were outside of the town, it seems that they went ahead to hunt in turns.

This was because they could not just leave the tent there.

So, they left someone to house-sit and after that, they started hunting as expected. 

It seems that they hunted too much prey, so the adventurer group carried the prey to the tent to get help from the house-sitter.

However, there was a limit to things.

There was too much prey, and, because of the dismantling, there was the smell of blood.

Unable to continue looking on, it seems that the guards asked the Adventurer Guild for help.

After that, the guards went to the guild together and explained it to them.

The mountain of prey and the smell of blood was troublesome, but it seems that because of the fact that the meat would circulate in town and that they defeated the wild boars who would eat the crops, Queen and the others left a good impression.

Even the guild would obtain meat and furs, so they happily cooperated.

At this time, it was also the Adventurer Guild who contacted the Commerce Guild.

「So, the Adventurer Guild and the Commerce Guild gathered people who could do the dismantling.」

「As expected, you can’t do the dismantling near the gate, so we came here.」

「There shouldn’t be any more than this, so Queen and the others stopped hunting.」

「We had Cruz dismantling them.」

For the time being, I could understand what’s going on.

Even so, there were a lot of people and this, what should we do with it

For confirmation, the merchant group children headed towards the guild staff members.

Looking closely, I could see the Commerce Guild’s receptionist onee-san as well, so the contract definitely wouldn’t be anything strange.

Looking at the adventurers gathered here, there were many of them who were young.

The reason for that was simple; they were recruited by the guild to practice dismantling.

However, there was remuneration, though not a lot, and they would be able to receive meat, though only a little bit, so most of the adventurers were happy to participate. 


It was near dusk and the sound of stomachs growling could be heard all around.

That sound came from the young adventurers.

「Is it almost done」

「Wouldn’t we be pitiful if you don’t let us eat soon」

Grilling the meat on a makeshift cook stove, I told the merchant group children who were making soup to start eating.

While waiting, the young adventurers gathered around the meat and the soup.

After joining up with the adventurer group, we made dinner.

There wouldn’t be any problems if I could use my Item Box, but as expected, it would not be possible to process a large amount of meat in this situation.

In that case, the best thing to do was to have them help us.

In addition, blocks of meat were delivered to the Adventurer Guild, and meat that was that in a much smaller size came out.

There was the perfect number of people to eat it. 

As expected, we wouldn’t finish dismantling them today, so whatever’s remaining would be done tomorrow.

It seems that the Adventurer Guild would take care of the rest, and the young adventurers who were delighted with the unexpected dinner transported it.

The female adventurers were also grilling them for dinner, so it was like a small party.

Before anyone realized it, there were people who were drinking alcohol as well, but would the transportation of the goods be alright Ojii-san, who was at the fringe of the group before we knew it, would lose if he cared.


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