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We bought a large amount of wheat flour.

Now then, I thought about what we should do, but there was nothing that could be done.

It couldn’t be helped, so I asked the receptionist onee-san to transport it to the horse carriage.

There, we could only load it into the horse carriage and take the opportunity to put it into my Item Box.

As I was considering that, the merchant children asked the receptionist onee-san about information on the goods that could be purchased inexpensively in this town and in the locations ahead. 

「Alright, gather everyone and we’ll go shopping!」

We met up with my younger sister and the others who were checking things up at the guild and the merchant children were exchanging information that they had gotten with each other.

It hadn’t been that long since we entered the Commerce Guild, so where did they get that energy from

「U~n, it seems that the goods in this shop are low-quality.」

「That’s true, let’s look forward to the next one.」

Relying on the information that we obtained, we went around to ten shops.

There were differences in quality, price, and assortment between the various shops and if we were to buy for ourselves, we would go around each shop, but for business, it seemed troublesome.

In conclusion, the foodstuff was cheap.

Everything else was not.

It was something like that, and as expected, if you were near a production area, then they would fundamentally be cheaper.

We will continue on towards the direction of the imperial capital, so if we bought foodstuff, we could sell them at a higher price.

However, this was our first time peddling, so let’s not do anything too excessive.

In the end, we bought vegetables that could be kept for a long time, dried mushrooms and beans, and a somewhat large amount of leafy vegetables for the orphanage.

There were various things in my Item Box.

「This is….」

「There’s a lot!」


「You guys, just how much are you buying….」

Going around the shops, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan started to get tired, so we went to the carriage station to put away the wheat flour.

When we arrived, there was a huge pile of wheat flour that could not be loaded into the horse carriage.

「I didn’t think that you would buy so much!」

「But, we only bought however much the potions costed」

Come to think of it, we did not exchange any money.

Looking at this amount, either the potions were sold for a lot of money or the wheat flour was cheap….

No, there was no reason to not check the amount of money, so perhaps part of it was given as a gift.

「For the time being, there’s nothing that could be done even if you look at it, so everyone, why don’t we load it into the horse carriage」

When I said that, everyone started loading it.

The merchant group too somehow reached Level 10, so they could do physical labor as well.

There was clearly a large amount of wheat flour, but mid-way, I put them in my Item Box, so somehow, everything fit in the horse carriage.

I also put the goods that we acquired in my Item Box because if not, then the horse carriage would not be able to move.

When we finished loading everything, it was already close to dusk.

Incidentally, we had lunch at a shop that the receptionist onee-san had recommended.

The soup that was full of vegetables and the freshly-baked bread was extremely delicious.

It was also cheap, so we would recommend it.

We purchased meat skewers and bread at the stalls, and headed outside the gates where Queen and the others were.

This was to meet up with the adventurer group and to check up on Queen and the others.

However, when we left the town, the tent was there, but there was no one in sight.

We were restlessly searching around the tent when

「O~i, if I remember correctly, you’re the owner of the wolves, right」

the guards called out to us.

「Yes, that’s right!」

「Your companions and the wolves are not here right now.

They should’ve gone to the river that’s up ahead.」

「A river Why did they go there」

「You will know if you go.

Don’t cause too much trouble!」

I did not know what they meant by trouble, but for now, we walked towards the river.

「Did Queen do something」

「In any case, Cruz did something foolish.」

As we were walking while talking about whether something had happened, a large crowd of people could be seen in a place further away.

「Hey, maybe it’s that group」

「They said next to the river, so that’s probably it….」

「Onii-chan! It’s Queen!」

It seems that group was where everyone was.


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