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「You are making all of this」

The bear peddler asked this while looking at the goods displayed at the stall.

「They’re basically all things that we’ve gathered or made.」

Hearing my words, he began to appraise the goods again.

Two days after meeting the bear peddler, he came to our stalls and we began to discuss business.

The children who had the Commerce Guild IDs were attending on the side.

Truthfully, I would’ve liked for the merchants to talk with each other, but I was usually the one who conducted such negotiations, so we did it together, as I was worried.

If this was a company somewhere, the transaction volume would be huge, but if it’s the peddler, this might be perfect as practice. 

「It’s an unusual design.」

「This cloth is pretty too.」

「A medicinal herb that you won’t find in the forest.」

「Ahh, salt that’s not rock salt!」

「Is this a jewel」

These were the orphanage’s craftsmen.

What they were looking at were the goods that the bear peddler brought with him.

It seems that he was regularly peddling as he walked, so the amount was not a lot.

Because of that, there was a lot of variety and it seems that his style was that of receiving the order and then selling.

Incidentally, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were among those who were peeking at the goods.

After talking about the peddler coming, she came to the orphanage, saying that she wanted to take a look.

Sakuya-chan had become much more lively than before, so was this a positive change

And, the negotiations began, but

「This and this over here is….」

「Then this and this….」

「How much is this」

「You’re not buying this」

for some reason, the craftsmen group joined in and things got out of control.

It couldn’t be helped, so I started to wrap things up and somehow, we were able to finish our talks.

It seems that the craftsmen group joined in because they wanted to buy the peddler’s goods, but we had intended to buy everything from the start, so their efforts were in vain.

On the other hand, the bear peddler was able to sell everything, so he was focused on arranging the dried medicinal herbs and the magic potions instead.

The thing that he was most happy about was probably the cloth made from the Silk Spider’s thread.

He was speaking enthusiastically as this could sell for a lot of money even in the imperial capital.

「Ahaha, this is delicious.」

「That’s right, that’s right, this is what I had set aside.」

Meanwhile, this was the orphanage’s dining room.

The negotiations had ended and it was getting late, so the stalls had closed up shop and as we were about to have dinner, we invited the bear peddler to stay for dinner as well since we were distracted by the smell of the soup during our negotiation. 

It was the usual meal that consisted of soup, meat, and bread, but the bear peddler was eating while exclaiming that it was delicious.

At that time, Ojii-san, who usually drank alcohol by himself,

「You’re someone who can hold your liquor, aren’t you」

「Thank you for the treat!」

and the two people began drinking.

Although the adventurer group were also adults, they did not drink, so Ojii-san who was drinking by himself was lonely, perhaps

Ojii-san and the others started drinking wine, but the bear peddler was in a good mood said「This is not for sale」, took out alcohol from his own luggage, and started drinking that.

It seems that it was honey wine that the bear peddler’s wife brewed.

「Hmmm, however, it’s truly delicious.

It might be the number one out of all the honey wines that I’ve drank before.」

「Ohh, that’s nice of you to say.」

「You, you’re not selling this」

「I’m thankful that you said that, but this was brewed by my wife and there is not a large amount of it.」

「In that case, can she make it for me」

「Maa, if I have the ingredients.

However, honey is expensive, and if you want to drink delicious honey wine, you need to prepare good honey.

Incidentally, the honey that was used to make this honey wine is from Honey Bees, so it’s expensive, you know」

「I see! Honey from Honey Bees, huh!」

For some reason, Ojii-san was murmuring this as he looked towards me.

I, had a bad premonition….


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