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It had been a week since the Kolbolds started living there.

I was worried about whether they would be able to get used to it, but they adapted to it much more easily than expected.

Even the food, I didn’t know what they ate, but perhaps they were omnivorous as they ate everything, which made me relieved. 

During this week, the Kolbolds were not able to stay still and were moving around.

Firstly, checking the Kolbold village.

There were no survivors, but we went over to take a look every day, and we marked every place so that we would know if any of their companions came.

At that time, the Kolbolds howled, perhaps to communicate with their companions, but instead, they called over the nearby monsters and were running around to escape.

However, from Queen’s standpoint, this was the beginning of the Kolbolds’ spartan training, thinking that it was perfect that their combat partners had come.

The Kolbolds displayed their skillfulness even at the farm.

They were skillful in feeding the livestock, cleaning the huts, and taking care of the tools, so there weren’t any problems, but the wolves’ job as sheepdogs, which was basically paroling the farm so that the Milhorn didn’t go into the forest, was spedidly taken by the Kolbolds who were running around on all-fours.

However, they were petite-sized and did not have the strength, so they did not make much of an impact….

When I asked the Kolbolds about it, they said that they were mobile on both two legs and four.

However, it seems their abilities when on all-fours were inferior to Queen and the other wolves, and when on two, were not as good as Cruz-kun who was part of the wolf (dog) clan.

Somehow, it seemed half-baked, but it seems that Queen liked the Kolbolds very much.

The Kolbolds too were afraid of her in the beginning, but they gradually began to recognize her as the leader of the pack and they now worked together with them.

…though once in a while, they would stick to Cruz-kun.

And, what Queen liked was, of course, training.

Hunting was difficult for the Kolbolds who were, more or less, weak, so I gave them the bowgun, bola, and knife.

Thinking about it, it was similar to the equipment that we had when we first went into the forest. 

At that time, I had the『Item Box』, so we didn’t have any heavy luggage, but thinking that it might be harsh for the Kolbolds, I made a magic bag for them and had them carry it on them, but that did not go well…. 

Up until now, Queen and the others were not able to bring back any prey, so they weren’t able to go hunt on their own.

However, they knew that the Kolbolds had a magic bag and they were going into the forest much more often than before.

That was not good for the Kolbolds…. 

A week passed like that, but was I missing something The Kolbolds were increasing

「Woof woof」

「Yelp yelp」

「Growl growl」

Un, the barks were increasing.

The original Kolbolds looked similar to Cruz-kun, but looking at them now, there were Kolbolds that were like chihuahuas, Kolbolds that were like Akitas, and even Kolbolds that were like bulldogs. 

TN: Akita dogs originate from northern Japan and have curly tails.

They look like this.


I didn’t know if it was her job, but I called over my younger sister who was running around with the Kolbold children and got along well with them before anyone was aware of it.

「What is it Onii-chan.」

「Could it be that the number of Kolbolds have increased」

「Un! A lot of Cruz-kun’s friends came!」

「Arf arf」

「Yelp yelp」

Perhaps the Kolbold children understood our conversation as they called out to us while continuing to run around nearby.

According to my younger sister, their village companions who had been missing knew about us from the marks and the howling and it seems that they came over while following the scent.

In a place that I didn’t know, they ate and slept and they were finally able to move about.

When I went to see the doghouse…Kolbolds’ house, a number of the houses made by the Kolbolds had been built before anyone knew it.

It seems that when they left to go to the forest, they collected the materials in the magic bag.

After that, the number of Kolbolds increased, so I built a new doghouse like that of a row house, and they helped to milk the cows and worked on the farm.

It seems that we now had new companions on the farm.


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