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Today, I went to the forest again.

I wanted to continue the fruit harvesting that had been interrupted yesterday, but I needed to build the Kolbolds’ house, so I went to cut down the trees for the materials.

「How far will we go today」

「We won’t go too far away.

Rather, we can’t, isn’t that right」

「That’s true….」

The Kolbolds were clinging onto Cruz-kun who said that.

Actually, we didn’t want to bring the Kolbolds, but they wouldn’t separate from Cruz-kun, so it couldn’t be helped.

We didn’t want to take them with us because they were weak, but Queen and the others were enthusiastic, so we were a little worried.

After that, we cut down several trees, but there was an unexpected discovery.

The Kolbolds were more helpful than expected.

When we met the Kolbold parents, they were holding onto a wooden pole, so we tried letting them cut off the branches as an experiment, but they skillfully used the tools to cut them off.

As expected, they had a small build, so physical work would be impossible for them, but having them try various things from now on might be interesting.

「Yelp yelp」「Woo~f」「Whin~e」

As we were continuing our work, Queen, who was keeping guard of the surroundings, brought over a goblin.

It was probably for leveling up the Kolbolds, but how will that turn out Heavy things seem impossible, so I tried letting them hold a lightweight weapon like a dagger, but they were scared and did not go near the goblin.

Irritated, Queen barked at them from behind the Kolbolds, telling them to hurry and fight, but they curled up into a ball and were screaming. 

「Queen, there’s no need for this, right」

「Doing it all of a sudden is impossible for them.」

「What about starting from an animal」

Seeing them so frightened, we persuaded Queen.

Queen was also a little worried, but seeing the Kolbolds like that, it seems that she gave up.

And, after Queen took the goblin down, she quickly went to look for prey.

Before long, Queen drove over a somewhat small cat.

I was confused and when I created a pitfall, the cat splendidly fell into it.

「Queen, it’s dangerous to come out of nowhere all of a sudden!」


It seems that Queen didn’t really reflect on that.

The current us could defeat it without getting hurt, but we needed to be on our guards.

「So, you want to have the Kolbolds it」


There were no preparations whatsoever and just as I was wondering if they would be troubled if they were suddenly told to take them down, the Kolbolds started to move.

The Kolbolds approached the hole and picking up the stones that were lying around, they started to throw them.

They were aiming for its head, but from time to time, screaming could be heard.

Perhaps they were familiar with it as they did this regularly, as the Kolbold children picked up the stones, and the Kolbold parents were in charge of throwing them and their movements were extremely smooth.

The Kolbolds continued throwing stones for a few minutes and when the cat’s「bugoo」sounded out, they stopped.

It seems that they were able to hunt the cat.

After that, the Kolbolds held onto a knife and even started to dismantle the cat.

「Oh my, these guys are more familiar with it than I thought」

「Even though they’re afraid of goblins.」

I was curious and I tried asking them through Queen, but it seems that in the village, they used traps to hunt.

In addition, they used pitfalls just like us. 

I saw them dismantling it, but perhaps things like drawing of the blood and skinning of the pelt were self-taught as many things were not done properly, but it seems that if they were taught, then they would become skilled at it.

「Is it ready」


After cutting down a certain number of trees, it was decided that we would train the Kolbolds in combat.

It seems that they could hunt regular animals, and when we discussed how to fight against goblins, we were told that they were afraid of getting close to them, so in that case, we gave them a bow and arrows, but due to their simple lack of ability, the arrows did not fly smoothly.

At that, my younger sister suggested the bowgun, and when I tried giving the bowgun that I had made a long time ago to the Kolbolds, they were somehow able to use it.

They practiced with it many times and it was finally time to do it.

Alongside Queen’s barks that sounded from the depths of the forest, the goblins appeared.

Standing in front was Cruz-kun.

The Kolbolds did not let go of him, so it couldn’t be helped.

The Kolbolds aimed the bowgun from behind Cruz-kun and shot it out.

Of course, it didn’t hit on the first try and they missed, but the Kolbold children worked very hard to notch the arrows so that they would be shot out continuously.

The goblins were vigilant of Cruz-kun and did not approach, but during that time, the Kolbolds’ arrows began to hit their target and perhaps the goblins thought that things could not continue on like this as they ran over, but before they got closer, they were defeated by the bowgun.


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