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KT Chapter 174


Happy Monday!

Here’s the chapter, enjoy.

We were walking towards the Kolbolds’ village.

Of course, we were also harvesting as we went just as we had first planned to do, but the priority was arriving at the village and we would harvest moderately. 

「Hey, can you let me go」

「Growl! (trembling)」

Walking through the forest, the Kolbold children were clinging onto Cruz-kun as they trailed behind him, and next to them were their parents.

When we first started heading towards the village, the Kolbolds, for some reason, did not separate themselves from Cruz-kun.

Because of that, it seems that it was extremely difficult for Cruz-kun to walk and he had told them numerous times to let go, but the Kolbolds did not do so.

However, the reason became clear as we approached the village.

The Kolbolds, parents and children, began to tremble.

The Kolbold children clung much tighter onto Cruz-kun and the parent Kolbolds brandished their wooden poles while shivering as they stayed vigilant of the surroundings.

「Hey, it’s alright.

Cruz-kun, Queen, and the others are all here.

They can easily defeat the ants!」


Queen and the others barked to cheer up the Kolbolds, and started running while being cautious.

It was a few days after the ants had attacked the village, so they were probably all gone, so it should be fine, but even though we were a little worried that it was just us, we wanted to do our best for the Kolbolds.


Pii-chan, Miu, and the Wood Monkey reported the results of their reconnaissance of the location that was said to be where the village was.

Pii-chan scouted things out from the sky, the Wood Monkey from on top of the trees, and Miu used her ears.

Queen and the others stayed behind as the Kolbolds’ escorts. 

「According to the children who went on reconnaissance, there is no one in the village.」

「If there are no ants there, then we don’t need to fight them.」

「Cruz-kun’s friends aren’t there either」

「Like I said, I’m not a Kolbold! But, these guys’ companions aren’t there either, huh….」

「It would be good if they were safe.」


We put a stop to the harvesting and were going to the village to find the Kolbolds’ companions, but it seems that this would be a difficult task.

Maa, I was thankful that the ants weren’t there, but a few days had already passed, so it would not be easy to find any clues on the Kolbolds.

「So, what are we going to do from now on」

「The ants aren’t here either, so for now, why don’t we go into the village」

「Yeah, maybe the Kolbolds will find something.」

And so, we headed towards the village.

「It’s kind of, worn down.」

「Is this a house」

「I think so, there are a few of them.」

There were a few piles of trees and leaves in the vicinity, but each and every one of them were damaged and melted down by formic acid.

「It seems troublesome to fix this.」

「There are also traces of acid, so this might be a serious problem for the village.」

The village, though we called it that, was not that big, so we soon walked a lap around it.

From what we saw, though it had not been burnt, the damage was severe and they may not be able to restore the village.

「What are you guys going to do from now on」


Cruz-kun spoke to the Kolbolds, but seeing the village, they were in low spirits and it seems that they were unable to answer him.

「For the Kolbolds, they can only look for their companions or wait for them to find them, right」

「Besides, can these children still live here I’m worried.」

「Cruz-kun, are you going to say goodbye to your friends」

We were saying such things, but the three of us, excluding Cruz-kun, had already come to a conclusion.  Queen and the others would probably not abandon the Kolbolds either.

However, the Kolbolds were clinging onto Cruz-kun, so it would be difficult if he didn’t like them.

「It can’t be helped, then for now, why don’t you come home with us」

It seems that Cruz-kun too was not able to abandon the Kolbolds.


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