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It was my negligence! I didn’t think he would be attacked! If it’s the monsters in this area, then we could defeat them without getting hurt, and Queen was not on guard either.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a good thing to be careless!

I hurried over to check on Cruz-kun.


For some reason, Cruz-kun, who was attacked, collapsed onto his back, and became densely covered in fur.

「Um, what’s going on」

「I don’t know either.」

「There are a lot of Cruz-kuns」

There were three furballs attached to the waist of the fallen Cruz-kun.

No, judging from the whining, were they dogs Certainly, just as my younger sister said, they resembled Cruz-kun Or rather, Cruz-kun had the characteristics of dogs

At first, we were confused, but it seems that the furballs did not have any intention of attacking and they were just clinging onto Cruz-kun.

Or rather, were they really dogs


「Cruz-kun, are you ok」

「Ou, I’m fine for the time being.

Rather, what’s this These guys are」

Perhaps Cruz-kun hit his head when he fell down as he was trying to get up while rubbing his head.


As Cruz-kun was getting up, Queen and the others returned.

Queen and the others saw the furballs, but they weren’t particularly cautious of them and it seems that they were searching for the next prey while being on guard of their surroundings. 

When Queen and the others appeared, the furballs had their tails between their legs and perhaps they were frightened as they were trembling.

「Hey, Queen, is this ok」



I tried asking Queen about the furballs, but she said that it was fine.

Rather, when the furballs heard her voice, they became frightened.

「Oi, let go of me!」


Cruz-kun was trying to get up, but the furballs, or dogs, who were clinging onto him were getting in the way of that, so he was not able to do that and tried to pull them off, but the dogs were frantically holding on and they could not be separated.

「Hey, what are they」

「What you say, aren’t they Cruz’s children」

「What are you talking about!」

「Cruz-kun’s friends」

「I don’t know them! To begin with, I’m a wolf!」

Maa, certainly, Cruz-kun was part of the wolf clan, but the ones clinging onto him were dogs.

…no, were there dogs in this world I recalled the『Appraisal』that I had unintentionally forgotten to use, and I tried to check up on the dogs.


As a result of『Appraisal』, I found out that the furballs, or dogs, were the monsters, Kolbolds.

There were my younger sister’s cats, so they probably existed, but if the dog family did exist, wouldn’t we be unable to tell them apart In addition, they were even the splitting image of Cruz-kun who was of the wolf clan….

「Cruz-kun, it seems that these furballs are『Kolbolds』.」

「Kolbolds If I remember correctly, weren’t they monsters that seem like they were part of the dog family」

「Yeah, the senior adventurers said something like that.

But, didn’t they say that they didn’t really appear in this forest」

「Maa, judging from their size, it might’ve been difficult to find them.」

The Kolbolds were not tall enough to go beyond that of Cruz-kun’s waist, so as monsters, they were probably on the smaller side, and in addition, if they’re dog-type monsters, then covert movements were probably their specialties.

「They don’t seem very powerful.」

「They were trembling when they saw Queen and the others.」

「They might be more timid than Horned Rabbits.」

Being able to hide due their size was their strong point, so they probably hadn’t been discovered up until now.

As one would expect, it seems that they were unable to escape from Queen and the others, but why did they not take them down even though they discovered them

Queen came back with prey in her mouth, so I tried asking her.

「Growl Woof woof!」

「Oi, Shuu, what is Queen saying」

T, this….

It was extremely difficult to say, but I had to answer when asked….

「Yo, you see, she thought that they were Cruz-kun’s siblings and brought them over.」

Hearing those words, not just Cruz-kun, even Ilya-chan looked speechless. 


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