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「I see, you just boil it together with the juice of this fruit」

At the orphanage, I taught Char-chan how to make the cheese.

It had been dusk when we returned from Ojii-san’s place, so that day, we ate the local specialty that was cheese, and the morning after was when we started making it.

「It’s for the current season, though.

It seems that for the other seasons, we use the fruits that are harvested at that time.

So first, practice with this fruit and when you can make it, try practicing with the other fruits in my『Item Box』as well.」

It was only Char-chan who was practicing right now.

The other children were at the food stall, so they weren’t here.

For now, if I taught one person, then they could instruct them, so Char-chan became the representative. 

In this world where there wasn’t even a cooking stove, I thought that it would be difficult to control the heat, but as expected of someone who had the『Cooking』skill, as by the time lunch was over, the cheese was almost completed. 

「U~n, perhaps I’ll get it right if I practiced a little bit more.」

「It’s basically cheese though」

「That may be, but as expected, you’d want to eat delicious cheese, don’t you」

There were still fruits in my『Item Box』, but planning ahead, I’m also considering going harvesting for fruit next time. 

In the evening, everyone sampled the cheese made by Char-chan.

Everyone was praising it and saying that it was delicious, but perhaps the children who had the『Cooking』skill were not satisfied with it as they were discussing one thing after another.


「Ohh, is it new」

「This is filling.」

The next day, a new dish that contained cheese had suddenly appeared at the food stall.

It was the cheeseburger.

Actually, the bread was somewhat hard and the meat in the middle was not hamburg steak, so I felt a sense of discomfort, but for the adventurers, it was of substantial quality and it was well-received. 

TN: hamburg steak is a popular Japanese dish.

It’s like a giant meatball that is somewhat flattened and shaped into a hamburger patty.

It is big enough to be served by itself with sauce over it and some veggies on the side.

「Hey, delicious things are appreciated, but are you alright with this price」

「It’s ok.

The meat came from what he hunted ourselves and the cheese is also homemade.」

「You’re making cheese!」

「Yes! Since our orphanage has Milhorns as well.」

It seems that the adventurer who was speaking was used to seeing the familiars in the vicinity and was convinced.

Actually, cheese was not made in this town, so it was a little expensive.

Moreover, there was a strong connotation that it was preserved food, so the taste was not as good, which may also be the reason why our cheeseburger was popular.

As expected, it was because the freshly made ones were delicious.

That’s right, we had begun making the cheap and delicious cheese.

In addition, there’s no one who’s not zeroed in on it. 

The sharp-sighted merchants and restaurants paid us a visit to see if they could procure some, but we rejected all of them.

There was also the promise with the villagers, but it was because we did not make enough to be sold to that extent.

However, it was delicious and nutritious, so the neighborhood oba-chans wanted some, so when we asked those from the cheese village, we were able to get permission to sell it to our acquaintances.

Maa, the cheese village was on the other side of Dragon King Mountain, so I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be a problem even if we did that, but just in case. 

A month had passed and Char-chan and the others’ cheese making skills had improved and the cheese that they made was quite delicious.

Because of that, we needed enough for not only the cheeseburgers, but also to sell to the neighbors and producing it in large quantities was troublesome.

However, the fruits that were one of the ingredients to make it had diminished, so including the adventurer group, we busied ourselves in searching for fruits. 


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