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「Don’t move~!」

In accordance with that voice, we did not approach.

「Nn Looking closely, isn’t this the adventurer jii-sama who always comes here」

「Umu, it’s been a while!」

「Those around Jii-sama are your companions」

「That’s right! The wolves behind us are this boy’s familiars, so no need to worry.」

「Is it truly alright」

「It’s fine! If you’re worried, they won’t enter the village.」

「I, is that so Then for now, please do so.」

Arriving at the farming village, we were called out to by the uncle who was standing guard at the village’s entrance (though I called it that, there were fields and fencing for the livestock in the vicinity and I didn’t know where the village began nor where it ended).

Because Ojii-san had visited this place many times, it worked out somehow or another, otherwise, there would be trouble because of Queen and the others.

「So, why did you come here today」

「Umu, I came for a small request, but if I remember correctly, you make cheese here, right」

「Yes, cheese is the local specialty of our village.」

「Is that so, then that’s good.

So, I have a small request, but is it possible to take a look at the process of making cheese If so, I would be grateful if you taught us how to make it.」

「Fumu, the recipe, huh.

You need milk to make it, is that alright」

「Ah, there are Milhorns among my familiars, so it is ok.」

「Ooh, even though you’re very young, you not only have the wolves as your familiars, but Milhorns as well, huh.」

「So, it’s not a problem if we have milk」

「Let’s see~, you’re not going to use it to do business, right」

「Um, we’re not going to sell it to such an extent, but we might use it at the food stall.」

「Something like that should be ok  In any case, try ask the missus  and the others.」


In that case, can we go in」

「Yes, take your time.」

And so, we were able to enter the village where cheese was its local specialty.

Walking into the village, the villagers greeted Ojii-san and it was easy to see that they were extremely familiar with each other.

We asked someone about the place where they made the cheese and confirmed whether the madam was there or not.

「Eh, isn’t this the adventurer-san」

「Umu, it’s been a while.」

「Did you bring meat today as well」

「Look, as you can see, I brought it over.」

Ojii-san pointed towards us and the oba-chan saw the meat that we were carrying over our shoulders.

「As always, you’ve saved us.

Are you exchanging them for livestock fodder today as well」

「That’s fine, but today, I have a small request.」


「Umu, I want you to teach us a little on how to make cheese.

When I asked the villagers, I was told to come here to ask and so I did.」

「Ah~, it would be troublesome if the cheese that we taught you to make was used as goods for business.」

「Um, rather than say it’s for business, I wanted to cook with it at the food stall, so we wouldn’t be doing genuine business! Is that not ok」

「In that case, I need to ask the village head just in case, so wait a bit.」

The oba-chan said that and exited the building.

「Then, while she’s doing that, why don’t we take over the meat.」

The other oba-chans came over to receive the meat.

「Ooh, take this too.」

「Oh my, this wasn’t all of it」

Ojii-san was probably always like this, as he used magic to take out the meat that was put away.

「Also, there is a Milhorn outside.

Take it as thanks for the cheese.」

「My my, is that ok」

「Don’t mind it, you’re always taking care of me and it also serves as training for these guys.」

「We’re the ones being taken care of though Maa, we’ll accept it with gratitude.」

As soon as we chatted a little with the oba-chans, one person ran outside.

It was probably to take the Milhorn away. 

This place was probably something similar to a cheese processing factory and it seems that they could also do dismantling work, so everyone decided to help with the dismantling while we waited for the response regarding the cheese.


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