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「Oh, this has a gentle taste.」

「It is not salty like it is usually.」

「This is rather delicious.」

Today was the debut of a new soup.

The familiars’ farm was more popular than expected and their numbers were increasing.

The Big Kokkos were laying more eggs than before, and a number of the Milhorns also gave birth to calves.

Honestly, both the Big Kokkos and the Milhorns consisted of all females, so how they gave birth and how they laid eggs so quickly were mysteries, but it was easy for them to give birth to children, so let’s not think too deeply into it.

Indeed, the Steppe Horses’ child was born safely and it was now energetically running around.

Perhaps the childbirth boom was influenced by the pony.

The newly-arrived Steppe Horses also giving birth to a child was evidence of that. 

The increase in the number of Big Kokkos and Milhorns naturally resulted in an increased amount of eggs and milk, but there were various ways of eating the eggs such as frying them, cooking them in soups, and boiling them and we had consumed a sufficient amount of them.

However, as expected, there was now too much milk for everyone to finish drinking it.

Because of this, I wanted to make processed goods like butter, cheese, and yogurt.

I had made butter in an experimental lab before, so I put it into a leather bag and tried making it by shaking it around.

I did not add any seasonings to the finished product, but the milk was originally delicious, so the butter that was made was quite tasty.

The children at the orphanage also enjoyed making butter and they gave me a helping hand, so I succeeded in making a large amount of it.

Cheese was often bought by adventurers as a preserved food, or rather, as rations, so I’d like to ask how it was made.

TN: please remember that this is fiction and butter is not made so easily.

Do not try it at home.

As I was worrying about what should be done with the milk that we still had in excess, I saw the cooking group making soup and cream stew came to mind. 

「It seems that even our own children would drink it from now on.」

「I like the salty soup that we usually have.」

「Either one of them is hard to let go of.」

I immediately left it to Char-chan, and tried to sell the completed cream stew at the food stall, but there were two different opinions. 

The cream stew was popular with women and children and the men liked the curry.

If the curry had a sweetness to it, then the results would once again change, but this couldn’t be helped.  I wonder if it would be sweet if I put in apples and honey

I brought a small amount of cream stew as an experiment, but it was sold out in the blink of an eye.

It seems that it was so popular that people who were not able to eat it demanded it, so let’s bring some more next time.

It depended on the cooking group, but it might be best to consider whether to sell two types from now on or sell it every other day.

It was the debut of the cream stew and it had been a while since I came to the food stall, but people were gathering at a particular place.

That place was where Lin-chan was.

In the beginning, she was healing the adventurers’ injuries, but then, people began saying things like「the pain in the arm disappeared」and「the pain in the knee was reduced」.

Hearing that, the obaa-chans gave it a try and they said things like「my stiff shoulders are healed」and「my lower back pain is healed」, so it became popular and now, the ojii-chans and obaa-chans were dependent on her.

At first, those ojii-chans and obaa-chans were afraid because she was a goblin, but now, they treated her as if she was their grandchild.

In the evening, the ojii-chans and obaa-chans returned home and instead, the adventurers rushed towards Lin-chan.

This was because they could receive medical treatment basically for free.

At this point in time, there was a shortage of medicine and prices were increasing, making recovery measures valuable.

Because of that, Lin-chan, who could use recovery magic, became popular.

Of course, it was cheap as it served as Lin-chan’s practice and we conveyed that to everyone beforehand, so even if they were not healed, no one would complain.

Or rather, there was no one who had an injury that Lin-chan couldn’t heal.

In the beginning, the adventurers avoided her as well, but after getting familiar with her, the female adventurers started doting on Lin-chan.

It was said that they were playing and dressing her up with their used accessories and clothes though….

Maa, it was good that they were on good terms, but I wonder if I could become familiar with a monster near me, though that was strange to say for me who was taming them….


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