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The day after our discussion, I departed early in the morning.

In order to bring back reinforcements to substitute as the guards.

Somehow, the negotiations went smoothly, and I was able to return before the food stall opened.

「Oi, Shuu, that’s our substitute」

「That’s right.」


The adventurer group was pointing at the Blue Tiger next to me and asked this.

「Just its strength is probably the best among us」

That’s right, it’s the Blue Tiger that was usually at Ojii-san’s place, but without anyone realizing it, its level became top-ranked.

The culprit of this could only be Ojii-san, but the familiars at Ojii-san’s place had all raised their levels.

「Is it stronger than Queen!」

Cruz-kun, who believed that Queen was the strongest, was surprised, but the two of them should not be compared.

「In Queen’s case, her strength lies in searching for enemies and group combat.

As for this one, it itself is strong.

Their physiques are different as well.」

For example, Queen was the commander-type.

Of course, she was strong even in combat, but when she commanded the wolf cubs and the newcomer wolves, the degree of danger sharply rose.

Conversely, the Blue Tiger was the type that could match up against thousands.

It’s body was huge and it possessed both speed as well as power.

And yet, its movements could be as keen and nimble as that of a cat’s.

In addition, with regards to their appearances, there was a huge difference in their intimidating airs.

Queen’s wolf species was one that could be found anywhere in Dragon Forest, but the Blue Tiger was a monster that Ojii-san had brought back from somewhere.

If it were a monster that was rarely seen, then the adventurers would definitely not mess with it.

「But, is just him enough」

「It’s fine.

Since I brought the others as well.」

The Blue Tiger wasn’t the only one who I brought back from Ojii-san’s place.

I brought the Silver Squirrel, the Wood Monkey, the Poison Snake back as well.

Their levels were also around that of the adventurer group’s, so they were perfect in carrying out the role of guards.

It was that time of day, so we hurriedly set up the stalls and departed.

Although they had come several times before, the people who saw the Blue Tiger were surprised, but my younger sister was riding on its back, so it did not cause a disturbance.

The stalls smoothly opened.

There were a lot of people who were surprised by the Blue Tiger who was sitting near the food stall, but since the children from the orphanage, including my younger sister, were taking turns in staying nearby, more people than expected grew accustomed to it and before anyone realized it, there were also people who rubbed its head.

「It seems better than expected.」

It seems that the adventurer group felt relieved by the Blue Tiger and the others. 

I brought the familiars back to substitute the adventurer group, but it wasn’t good to do so suddenly, so it was decided that we would take a look at the situation from a place further away for 2~3 days.

During those few days, some villains thought that it was a good thing that the adventurers who were usually there could not be found, but the drunk and violent people were suppressed by the Blue Tiger’s paw punch, and the pickpockets were numbed by the Poison Snake’s paralysis poison after they had fallen down due to the Silver Squirrel’s magic or the Wood Monkey’s throw.

「With this, it seems like it wouldn’t be a problem if there were two people remaining.

Let’s take on the requests from the guild starting tomorrow.」

It was certain that the adventurer group had the skills to be escorts, but we needed help with the processing, so they took on the requests in turns.

A week later, the Blue Tiger, who was friendly on top of being strong, became the mascot of the food stall.

It was acting as the guard, so it didn’t happen all the time, but riding on its back as it walked around was something that was popular with the children.

As expected, when it came to business, it was a beckoning cat.

TN: a beckoning cat is a cat ornament that has one paw raised and for some of them, the raised paw would bob up and down.

Business owners (mostly Asian ones) would have them in their stores in hopes that the beckoning cat would usher in more customers/money/wealth, resulting in a flourishing business.


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