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「No one’s coming….」

「There’s nothing to do….」

It’s been a while since we opened the stalls, but we had not had one customer yet.

It was almost lunch time, and our location was on the outskirts as well, so it just couldn’t be helped.

However, as expected, since we had opened our business, I hoped that customers would come.

Even after that, no one came, but as noon time approached, our first customer appeared.

「Hello, can I get one cup」


Our first customer was an oba-chan who lived near the orphanage.

A child who had the cooking skill served Oba-chan a curry-style soup and handed it to her.

「When you finish eating, please put the bowl here or over there.」

This world, understandably, did not have things like paper cups or styrofoam containers.

Because of that, the cost of the bowl was included in the price when selling soup at the food stall.

It was expensive due to the inclusion of the price of the bowl, but if you returned it, then you would get the money back.

However, because you had to prepare bowls on top of the fact that the initial amount that one had to pay was a lot, there were not a lot of shops that sold soup.

Speaking of that, there were enough bowls to sell.

Rather, we’re selling them.

We differentiated from the other food stalls because of that, so in my mind, soup was good to sell….

In the end, there weren’t really any more customers after that and the neighbors only bought soup and medicine.

Incidentally, the leftover soup became the dinner at the orphanage.

The next day, our first customer was the oba-chan from yesterday.

「It was delicious, so I came again.

This, can I take it back with me」

It seems that she brought a pot with her so that her family could drink some.

「You can!」

From the start, it wasn’t how many cups there were in a bowl, but how many cups were in a ladle, so we were able to handle it without any problems.

After Oba-chan left, one, two customers gradually came over. 

It seems that Oba-chan gave us publicity and they were mostly neighbors.

During lunch time, we began to see some customers, not neighbors, here and there.

It seems that they had come because they had been attracted by the smell. 

The spices had been collected from Dragon Forest, so there’s only so many on the market, but as expected, they were somewhat expensive.

However, the spices had been put into this soup.

Because of that, it was fragrant and whetted one’s appetite. 

In the evening, adventurers came to buy medicine.

It seems that it had been publicized by the acquaintances of the adventurer group.

They asked the pharmacist oji-san and the alchemist obaa-san when they were selling the medicine, but recently, the number of adventurers had increased and there was insufficient medicine, so they were delighted that the orphanage was selling it.

Even a lot of the medicine on the market were the products of practice, and there were also cheap goods that had low efficacy, but conversely, they were popular with the newbie adventurers.

It seems that there were also a lot of shops that took advantage of the medicine shortage to raise prices, so it was troubling.

The food stall had closed today.

The soup brought over to the stall was sold out, as were the medicines.

The other goods were also selling little by little and this was probably satisfactory for the opening of the food stall.

A week later, the soup was sold out and I began to worry if we needed to make more, and the medicine inventory had dwindled as well.

The production groups hurried to make medicine and the children of the orphanage were helping out with the food stall little by little.

It seems that things had started to get on track


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