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Treant screamed as it was chopped down.

「T, that!」




「Onii-chan, amazin~g!!」

The Treant collapsed and everyone, including me, were dumbfounded, leaving only the voice of my younger sister echoing….

TN: The following scene is a flashback

「Well then, let’s act on the assumption that that tree over there is the Treant!」

I confirmed with everyone the response that I was able to check using 『Mana Detection』and we brainstormed our next plan of action.

「Then, Queen and the others will keep guard of the vicinity just as they have been doing.」

「We’re going to split off into the left and right and encircle it」

「That’s right.

we’ll attack preemptively with Shuu’s magic, and then, we’ll try to chop it down.

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll change the plan and target its demon nucleus (core).

At that time, Shuu, you will come out of your designated location.

I’ll leave it to you.」


With the adventurer group taking the lead, everyone thought of a strategy.

Since the production groups were going up against their first opponent, we had them make their preparations in the back.

They had surpassed level 10, but they didn’t really have any combat experience.

After discussing everything, we made our preparations and we arrived at our locations with the Treant being in the middle.

We were talking and moving around, but the Treant showed no movement.

Using『Mana Detection』, there certainly was a response coming from the tree, but even now, nothing was happening and I became anxious.

However, we would understand once we attacked it.

I refined my mana and fired a wind blade.

The wind blade flew past the Treant (assumed), made a cut on the tree behind it, and dissipated.

It seems that the Treant (assumed) was a Treant as it screamed and fell down.

It seems that I was able to defeat a Treant without any problems.

Rather, it was too abrupt, and everyone was taken aback.

Carefully looking around, even Queen was staring absentmindedly.

「U, um, it seems that it was a Treant.」

「It was, but you, with one attack….」

「Shuu, were you that strong」

「…for now, there’s no point in staying here, so why don’t we go」

Everyone seemed as if there was still something that they wanted to say, but it wouldn’t be good to leave the Treant as is, so we got a move on.

Using『Mana Detection』, there was certainly a response coming from the Treant that had been defeated.

However, it was difficult to judge whether it was alive or dead.

From a certain distance away, everyone discussed whether we should throw stones at it or not.

The stones struck it, but there was no response, so as expected, the Treant had been defeated.

Arriving next to the Treant, everyone looked it over, and I too checked『Appraisal』, but it seems that it was, without a doubt, a Treant.

「Even so, the Treant was defeated so easily.」

「One hit with Shuu’s magic, huh.」

「Are Treants expensive because it is difficult to find them」

「That’s not it.」

Everyone was talking about the Treant and Ojii-san joined in.

「Even among Treants, that is a supple tree.

That’s why, it was easily defeated by the boy’s magic.」

「A supple tree」

Having been told that, the children from the production groups started looking over the Treant.

「I see!」

「This can’t be sold for much money.」

And then, they realized something and agreed with what was said. 

「Just what is going on!」

Irritated, Cruz-kun pressed the two people for an answer.

「Calm down, Cruz.」

「I’ll explain right now.」

「This, even among Treants, this is low grade lumber.」

Hearing those words, we fell into confusion.


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