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「I don’t want to do it anymore!」

「This is difficult….」

「Next, we need to think about the location.」

It wasn’t just the woodworking group, complaints coming from the adventurer group could also be heard.

After that, we had cut down many trees, but it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

There were no animals or monsters near the first tree, but for the second tree, we could, for some reason, sense a presence in the surrounding area. 

There was an indication that they were moving away due to the sound of cutting down the tree, but there was also an indication of them approaching, as if drawn in by the sound. 

Of course, we noticed them, so we were able to defeat them without any injuries.

However, when we defeated them this time, there was the smell of blood and new monsters approached.

And, the monsters continued to appear until the tree was stored in my Item Box.

Because of that, we were able to take down a lot of monsters, but it was exhausting, both mentally and physically.

「Maa, from now on, we will cut down the trees at the edge of the forest.」


we’re always relying on Teacher, but chopping them ourselves is also troublesome.」

Chopping them ourselves, if I wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be able to transport them, but it seems that the conversation between the woodworking group and adventurer group had ended.

「Hey, maybe it’ll be like this with the Treant too」

Cruz-kun’s words made everyone make an unpleasant face.

「I don’t want to go Treant hunting anymore, but we have to, so we have to resign ourselves and shouldn’t we search for the Treant soon」

The timber was enough…I couldn’t say that, but we had cut this much, so we started walking around looking for the Treant.

「It’s here.」

Hearing Ojii-san’s words, everyone tensed up.

Every person became vigilant of the surroundings, but something that resembled a Treant could not be found.

「Ojii-san, it’s here」

「Not here.

…it’s nearby.

Do your best to try and find it.」

According to what Ojii-san said before the trip, the Treant specialized in camouflage and finding it was difficult.

And, its forte was making surprise attacks on prey that approached…..

Because of that, Ojii-san let us know that the Treant was nearby, which helped us in looking for it.

「Everyone, search carefully.

Even if you can’t find it, watch out for its surprise attacks!」


And so, everyone used their eyes, ears, noses, and their own abilities and scoured the surrounding area.

I felt around for the mana in the vicinity.

Treants were monsters, so I’m planning on searching for its demon nucleus (core).

There was no mana response in the surrounding area, but there were a few in a place further away.

However, unfortunately, I could not judge whether or not they belonged to the Treants.

After that, we continued to look for it for a while, but it was not found even with Cruz-kun, Queen, and the others’ noses, Ilya-chan’s ears, the adventurer group and production group’s eyes.

At that time,

「Onii-chan, over there, it’s weird.」

my younger sister pointed at a place. 

Certainly, there was a mana response over there.

However, perhaps everyone else didn’t feel anything as they tilted their heads in confusion.

Rather than say that this was my younger sister’s ability to search for enemies, it was something like a cat’s sixth sense Actually, there were many times when we found rare medicinal herbs because of her intuition.

「Then, why don’t we try going over there first.

It seems that it’s not around here.」

Cautiously, we walked towards the direction where my younger sister pointed towards.

「There’s a mana response in front!」

Coming to a distance away from the mana in the indicated direction where perhaps a bow and arrow could reach, I told this to everyone.

Everyone used their own methods to search, but not even the shadow of a monster was found.

「There’s no smell of animals either.」

「There are no movements.」

「Then, is that the Treant」

It seems that we were able to find our objective, the Treant.


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