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After mining in the cave, the next thing we did was looking for our favorite Treant.

I sealed up the entrance of the cave and went deeper into the forest.

Those in the production group were in the middle and were surrounded by the adventurer group.

This was basically how they fell into line when they were escorts.

This time, us four who had a strong ability in searching for enemies were posted in four different directions, and Queen and the others were keeping guard a little further away.

It felt like we were somewhat overdoing it, but safety first.

We were walking, but I did not sense any presence nearby.

It seems that Queen and the others had overdone it with the hunting and there were no longer any animals around.

「Hey, can you wait a bit」

When we walked for a little bit, we were called out to by a child from the woodworking group.

「What’s wrong」

「No, it seems that there’s nothing nearby, so I wanted to practice chopping trees.」

When those from the adventurer group asked the child, he said that he wanted to practice chopping down trees while there were no animals or monsters around.

This time, one of our goals was the procurement of timber, so there weren’t any objections.

「Then, which one are you going to practice on」

「Let’s see….」

The woodworking group was wandering around as they looked around and we followed them.

「Something like this seems good!」

And then they chose a tree.

「The thickness and variety of the wood is good, and most importantly, it’s upright.」

And so, they started chopping at it at once.

However, when they started, they realized that they didn’t know how to cut down trees.

From the beginning, Ojii-san was the one who prepared the timber.

Ojii-san had easily cut them down using magic, so it seems that he didn’t know how to use an axe.

I didn’t know much about it either, but I saw it a long time ago on tv and perhaps you had to shave off a little bit in the direction where you wanted it to fall and then when you chop it in the opposite direction, it would fall down

「For the incision, is this much alright」

「It should be enough.」

We immediately started chopping the tree.

Surrounding us, Queen and the others and the adventurer group were keeping guard.

We didn’t know how to cut it, but we were able to try various things since there were no monsters nearby.

Ba–ng, ba–ng, ba–ng

「It’s falling over-!」

The blacksmith group, the woodworking group, and Cruz-kun were swinging the axes in turn and creaking sounds could be heard. 

And gradually, the tree began to slant forward.

The surrounding people spoke hurriedly.


It deviated a little from the designated place, but it did not fall onto another tree and we succeeded in cutting down the tree.

After it fell, they were going to cut off the branches next.

The tree was quite large, so the branches were just as large and there were a large number of them, so it was troublesome.

Cruz-kun used his sword to cut the slender branches.

Of course, those branches could be used as firewood, so we’ll bring them back.

If there was no Item Box, then such a big tree would probably not be brought back….

「For now, this should be fine.」

The child from the woodworking group wiped his sweat as he looked over everyone.

「Yeah, if it’s the first time, then this is enough.」

We cut down the tree, cut off the branches, and got rid of the leaves.

Putting aside the quality, we were able to do what we could.

「But, it made quite a lot of noise.」


It was the correct choice to do it here where there are no monsters.」

「Then, should we cut down some more」

The adventurers group gathered around as well and began to discuss whether to continue practicing cutting down the surrounding trees to secure timber. 

「It would be better for you to not do that.」

Then, Ojii-san gave his input.

「I heard this from a lumberjack a long time ago, but after cutting down one tree, they wouldn’t cut the trees in the surrounding area.

I don’t know all the details, but it seems that this was necessary in order to protect the forest.

Also, it seems that it would be best if you planted a new tree if possible.

Maa, even if you didn’t do that, this forest would be fine.」

I see.

When cultivating the forest, we needed to be wary of deforestation when chopping down trees for timber, huh.

「Then, why don’t we look for other ones.」

「If we go up ahead, we need to be careful of monsters.」

「Then, we need Queen and the others to do their best.」


And so, we went deeper into the forest while looking for the next tree.


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