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Perhaps there was an air vent or something inside the cave as expected, as we were able to breathe adequately, though the air could not be said to be fresh air.

First of all, for the inspection of the interior, those who entered were just us four and Queen.

It would take a lot of time if there were a large number of people, and having Queen and I were sufficient in terms of enemy detection.

We trotted further into the cave as we searched for enemies and it did not even take thirty minutes for us to reach the plaza where we had been mining the previous time.

As we would be mining here in the future, we did a careful inspection of the plaza and in doing so, we found that there were several holes in the ceiling, and it seems that the air was flowing in through those holes.

I was a little worried about the rain, but it didn’t seem as though monsters would be able to enter through them, so I was relieved. 

Leaving everything to the three people, Queen and I went to go meet up with everyone else.

Arriving at the entrance, I decided to ask the wolves to be on the look-out, and noticing that there were no places for them to conceal themselves or take a break, I used earth magic to create a simple hut.

Though I said that, it was something basic that just had walls and a roof.

We would be coming here many times, so maybe I should put more thought into the hut.

Though I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it, I took half of the production groups and the adventurer group with me to go back to the plaza while searching for any enemies. 

Returning to the plaza, we immediately picked up our pickaxes and began mining.

I used Appraisal and detected several mining points, so I allocated them to the adventurer group.

I had everyone from the production groups look for them themselves.

This too was practice in training their judgment.

「Alright! It’s a competition for who’s the best!」

Cruz-kun himself was enthusiastic and started mining. 

Those from the production groups were searching for mining locations, so they had a late start.

Leaving things here to everyone, I began wandering around inside the cave.

In order to reinforce the interior.

The cave was formed inside a boulder, so I didn’t think it would easily collapse, but I used earth magic to reinforce (check) the important locations.


Around two hours had passed and I left the cave after completing the reinforcements.

There, a large number of bodies had been piled up into a mountain.

It seems that Queen had been training the wolves under the name of hunting.

As one would expect, if she took all of them, then  there would be no one being the look-out, so it seems that there were hunting in turns, but it seemed considerably Spartan and all the wolves were worn out. 

「Hey Shuu, what do we do with this」

The adventurer group who was keeping guard were dismantling the prey that Queen and the others brought back.

Even though I built a hut, there was the smell of blood, so they were dismantling them somewhere further away from the cave entrance.

「U~n, for now, I’ll put them into my Item Box, but I’d like for you to dismantle as much as you can.

The wolves, Pii-chan, and the others will keep an eye out on the surrounding area, and the nearby animals would be hunted by Queen and the others, so I don’t think there would be many of them around here.」

「I got it.

Then, can you make a hole and prepare some water for us」

「Then, I’ll prepare them for you somewhere a bit further away.」

I created a deep hole somewhere that was downwind from the cave and several barrels, and poured water into them.

The whole was for the blood and internal organs when they do the dismantling.

If we didn’t burn or bury them afterwards, it would become a disaster, so we had to dispose of them properly.

Incidentally, part of the internal organs became Queen and the others’ afternoon snack.

Three days after the mining began, we were able to procure a large amount of ores, monster materials, and medicinal herbs.

As expected, it was difficult being inside the cave for an entire day, so we had our meals outside, and we went harvesting as a change of pace.

With regards to the magic iron, I was able to mine them, so I should be able to forge several weapons.

As for the mining competition that Cruz-kun talked about, the number of stones excavated were overwhelmingly in Cruz-kun’s favor, but the ores could not be distinguished, so there were a lot of empty stones and as a result, he lost to the production group.

Maa, he was pleased that it turned out to be good training, so it didn’t seem as if he cared that he lost.


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