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The wind blade that Lin-chan fired tore the Goblin to pieces and finished it off.

「Lin-chan, thanks for your hard work.」


Today, we were leveling up the people who were woodworking, blacksmithing, and doing needlework with Lin-chan at Ojii-san and the others’ house.

There were benefits in reaching level 10, but the world was a dangerous place if you didn’t know self-defense.

For that reason, today, everyone who was leveling up were using knives and wooden rods as weapons, which were weapons that many used even within town.

And, Lin-chan was able to use magic to attack.

I was wondering if Lin-chan could learn other magic if she was able to learn recovery magic, so I poured mana of various attributes into her and as a result, she was able to learn the magic without any problems.

She wasn’t a Goblin Mage, and I was wondering if it was alright for her to learn magic even though she was just an ordinary Goblin, but let’s just consider it as her being lucky to be able to do so.

「It seems that everyone is doing well.」

As we were exterminating the Goblins in turns, Ojii-san approached us.

It seems that we had almost finished off all of the Goblins that he brought over, so he came over.

「We’re not adventurers, so we’re doing it in moderation.」

「Even so, being able to take down Goblins, probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Rather than that, you’re not going to get the Goblin young lady a staff」

「A staff…is it」

「Umu, the Goblin young lady uses magic to fight, right Since it’s a monster that can use weapons, it would be a waste if she didn’t!」

Certainly, when you thought about magicians, you would think of a staff.

The adventurers in town who seem to be magicians had staffs as well, and so did Goblin Mages.

However, it was normal for me to not use one and it didn’t hinder me in any way, not to mention that those in the orphanage who knew how to use magic didn’t fight using magic as their main weapon, so I didn’t really notice that. 

「But, something like a staff, is that necessary To begin with, Ojii-san doesn’t use it either….」

「It’s not necessary for me to use it.

By nature, our power is different, and even if I had one, it’s within the margin of error.

However, for you guys, it would be useful in various ways.」

After asking about it in detail, it seems that depending on the efficiency of the staff, magic would become easier to use, the consumption of mana would be lowered, and the effect and power of the magic would increase. 

It was convenient, but it had basically been just me who used magic, so he didn’t talk about it until now.

However, Lin-chan, the new magician, had appeared, so he informed us.

「Then, can she use the staff that the Goblin Mages used」

「Which one, let me see.」

I took a relatively pretty staff out of my Item Box and handed it over to Ojii-san.

「Fumu…this is no good!」

After taking a look at the staff, Ojii-san threw it back at me.

「You look closely too.」

I was told that, and I examined the staff more closely.

I didn’t really use a staff, and we couldn’t reuse it unlike the swords and iron armor, so I just took it and had not taken a look at it until now.

When I took a closer look, it was a tree branch that didn’t have any leaves or twigs on it, though the Goblins had used it as a staff.

Maa, could this be called a staff

「This, is just a tree branch.」

「Umu, it’s not an ordinary tree, it’s a branch of aTreant, but it’s not a staff.」

「Treant…is it」

Treant, the tree monster that usually appeared in fantasy genres.

When I used Appraisal, it certainly appeared as【Branch of the Treant】.

「There’s no problem with using Treants as materials for a staff, but you picked it up even though it was dropped and the quality is not good.

Goblin Mages can use magic, so you sensed the mana and picked it up even when it was dropped.」

According to Ojii-san, it seems that Treants were excellent materials and it was common practice to turn them into staffs, arrows, and construction materials.

It seems that this was because they were similar to magic iron in that they were susceptible to magic. 

Treants lived in forests where there was a large amount of mana, so it seems that there were a lot of them here as well.

We didn’t notice them because we mostly moved around the edge of the forest.

It seems that if we went deeper into the forest like when we went to the cave, then they would appear.

「If you’re going to make a staff, then are you going to go hunt Treants」

Ojii-san asked me this and I thought about it.

You could also use magic iron to make a staff, but if there were Treants, it could strengthen the arrows as well.

In addition, I had never seen a Treant before either, so it was reassuring to have Ojii-san.

「Well, why don’t we go.」

Thus, it was decided that next time, we will go searching for Treants in the forest.


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