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「Lin-chan, can you taste the stew for me」


「Lin-chan, next, help us here!」


It had been a month since the Goblin baby had come.

Currently, the Goblin baby「Lin」was someone who was indispensable in the kitchen.

There was a reason why it turned out like this.

Although it was a Goblin, it was a baby, so I thought that it would take a few years for it to grow up, but the baby became an adult in two weeks.

Because of that, it seems that the mystery of the Goblins’ reproductive ability had been solved.

Still, because it grew up into an adult in two weeks, a problem arose.

Sakuya-chan was not able to see the baby.

Sakuya-chan had planned on coming next week, but after realizing that the baby grew bigger day by day, I hurriedly asked Pii-chan to deliver a letter to Ojii-san.

However, after sending the letter, they were not able to come right away, and by the time that Sakuya-chan and the others arrived, the baby was no longer a baby.

Because of that, Sakuya-chan burst into tears and things got difficult.

We showed Sakuya-chan the grown-up baby and somehow, she stopped crying.

Although I said that it had grown up, it was still smaller than my younger sister and Sakuya-chan, so she probably didn’t want to let it see her cry.

The two of them were onee-chans.

Regarding the name, when we first brought it back, everyone


called it that and on top of that, it seems that they realized to it was a girl, and along the way, it was shortened to


so its name became「Lin」.

After that, it started interacting with the children, and it started helping with various things around the orphanage.

Among them, it had shown talent in needlework and cooking and acquired the skills.

Because of that, it was now an indispensable part of food preparation.

Still, I didn’t know if it was because we had raised it since it was a baby or because Goblin girls were rare, but it was a happy miscalculation. 

Somehow, she could use recovery magic.

It was not like me who could use magic without having the skills; it was the proper holy magic recovery skill.

I had no idea just what God she believed in, but she had learned the skill before anyone realized it.

I think that it should be related to the fact that I had continuously used recovery magic on her when she was a baby though….

Since Lin-chan had learned holy magic, there was something that I wanted to test out.

The dispelling of that cursed sword. 

I had laboriously cast magic on it for a long time, and the curse had weakened, but it had not been dispelled. 

However, if someone who had the skill did it, then the curse would definitely be dispelled.

After that, whenever there was free time, I poured dispel magic into Lin-chan just like that time with the recovery magic, and while I was getting her accustomed to that mana, I had her study magic with Obaa-san.

I didn’t know if it was because of that, or because it was Lin-chan, but Lin-chan was able to successfully acquire dispel magic.

「The curse can finally be broken, huh.」

「You’ve done your best up until now.」

Today, we will be dispelling the cursed sword.

Other than Lin-chan and I, Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, my younger sister, and the adventurer group were gathered around.

Everyone knew that I had been trying to break the curse up until now, so it seems that they were interested in it and gathered around.

In addition, Ojii-san, Obaa-san, and Sakuya-chan were here as well.

This was so that if something happened, we would be able to give a timely response.

「Well then, Lin-chan, please.」


I gave the knife that was in its sheath to Lin-chan.

Lin-chan took a deep breath and chanted the magic.


And then, the knife emitted a faint light and the light gradually became stronger and stronger.

A short while later, the knife was shining as if it was bursting with light, and then it disappeared.

When I tried using Appraisal on the knife, the curses【Decreased Strength】,【Decreased Stamina】, and【Decreased Speed】changed into【Increased Strength】,【Increased Stamina】, and【Increased Speed】.

Incidentally, even【Holy Attribute】was added to it.

In this way, the knife that had been cursed for a long time had been successfully dispelled without any problems.


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