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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

For the time being, lets try putting everything in order.

We found the monster, Little Eagle, who had been attacked by the adventurers.

Asked by my younger sister, I gave it medical treatment. 

After it had recovered, it had called me mama I had been hugged.

Un, I dont really understand!!

「Onii-chan, can I touch it」

「Ehh Aah, wait a bit.」

I turned towards the Little Eagle

「Can I touch you」

and asked this as I timidly stretched out my hand.

「Pii, pii.」

It seemed awfully happy.

If its like this, there it might be fine.

「It seems that its fine even if you touched it.」

「Really! Its great that Pii-chans injury was healed!」

Nn Pii-chan 

「Pii-chan, are you talking about this bird」


It makes apii sound, so its Pii-chan.」

Ah~, she had already given it a name….

With this, I could no longer say that were going to leave this bird here.

As I was thinking this, I calmly used Appraisal on the Little Eagle, and then another reason for not leaving it behind appeared.

The Little Eagle had become my familiar. 

Certainly, I had wanted to be a tamer, but was it this easy to become one

However, with this, I understood why it was so strangely emotionally attached.

I had completely no idea in regards to the mystery of mama though~.

Maa, leaving that aside, I need to think about what to do from now on.

I decided to bring Pii-chan back with us, and the problems were

persuading Director-sensei

how we would raise it

what to do about its food

Something like that To persuade Director-sensei, the only thing I could do was to tell her honestly that it became my familiar.

I had an animal training skill in my status as well, and there was a section that displayed my familiars too.

Maybe we will keep it after confirming how we will take care of it.

If we could not keep it within the town, then I could only do so in Dragon Forest.

The problem was the food.

The food for birds of prey was meat, wasnt it Even under normal circumstances, our orphanage didnt have any meat in our meals, so we couldnt give it meat to eat.

Even if it hunted its own food, I dont remember seeing any animals that could be food for it to eat in the places within Dragon Forest that Ive been to.

If we hunted for food, wed have to go a bit deeper into the forest.

Or rather, it was a bird, so would it not eat things like fruits

I made up my mind and gave a fruit that we had picked to Pii-chan.

Pii-chan, who was being carried in the arms of my younger sister before I knew it, showed interest in the fruit, and started eating the pseudo-apple. 

「Onii-chan, Pii-chan is eating!!」

「Ooh, its eating with gusto.」

「It mustve been really hungry.」

「Yeah, after, we need to go pick some fruits for Pii-chan.」


For now, I had given it some fruits, so we were able to manage somehow, but as expected, it would be better to let it eat meat, right

As expected, we need to hunt an animal.

After Pii-chan finished eating the fruits, we went to go pick some for Pii-chan to eat.

On the way, I asked my younger sister to look for mushrooms and medicinal herbs that could be sold for a high price.

To make up for the cost of food, even if its a little bit. 

We harvested the usual amount, and I asked my younger sister to carry the mushrooms and medicinal herbs that would be sold, and the fruits for Pii-chan.

Pii-chans injury was healed, but it seems that it couldnt fly very well yet, so it was decided that I would carry it back.

On the way home, I thought about a means to hunt.

Considering my physique, using a bow and arrow would be hard, so perhaps something like a bola was a safe choice.

Or, since I had especially come to a world where magic could be used, I want to use magic to hunt.

Lets try thinking about what kind of magic that could be used to hunt!


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