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Queen howled and ran towards the forest.

Because there had been thieves that had appeared at the construction site, Queen and the others, the four wolves worked in turns, So that there were always two of them at the construction site at all times and keeping vigilant.

Two of the wolves were not here, so the wolf cart could not be used, but I had also asked them to stand guard at night, so mentally, the burden on Queen and the others had increased.

I was discussing with the adventurer group and Queen about the security issue, including this matter, but because the fence had been completed, the security measures were, more or less, in place, so Queen

「I’m going to the forest for a little while!」

left to go to the forest with a light feeling.

「What is Queen going to do」


It seems that the wolf cubs didn’t know either.

「Maa, if it’s Queen, perhaps there isn’t anything that she needs to do.

It can’t be helped, can the three of you watch over the house for today」


And so, today, we were doing our work without Queen.

The adventurers who were transporting a large amount of timber had somehow become the talk of the town, and they had increasingly become the target of people’s stares, but the Steppe Horses, who were larger than normal horses, and Queen and the others were staying cautious of the surroundings, so nothing happened.

Today, the wolves were not here, so there were people who subtly approached though.

Today’s work had been completed, and we were about to go back, but it seems that Queen had yet to return.

We could not go to the forest to search for her, and while we were waiting for Queen, she came back.



Following behind her were Grey Wolves….

「Um, Queen, what’s going on with the Grey Wolves behind you」

「Woof! Woof woof!」

「U~mm, you made them your subordinates, so you brought them along」



So, why did you bring so many of them」

That’s right, Queen had led six Grey Wolves over.

「Kuu~n, woof!」

「Make these children into familiars and have them be part of the convoy!」


In other words, Queen and the others, the four wolves, were not enough to guard the orphanage, construction site, and when we’re traveling, so she brought over some people (wolves)….

「Ya~y, Quee~n has lots of friends!」

「What, they’re all wolves.」

「With them, wouldn’t they be stronger than us」

It seems that my younger sister, Ilya-chan, and Cruz-kun liked them.

「Let’s see, Taking care of may be a little difficult, but I’m grateful that our combat strength has increased.」

It seems that the adventurer group had no particular problems with it either.

「Then, why don’t I try turning them into familiars.

Queen, is that alright」


When Queen howled, the Grey Wolves behind her lined up.

「They, have completely become Queen’s subordinates.

Isn’t it fine even if you didn’t turn them into familiars」

Whilst thinking that, I turned the Grey Wolves into my familiars in sequential order.

「For now, they’ll live in the construction site’s stable.

For their food, there’s meat in my Item Box, so it should be alright.」

「Grr grr!」

「Nn You’re going to spend some time in the forest …ah, that’s true.

Then it can’t be helped.」

「Oi, Shuu, what is Queen saying」

「Well, she said that the level of these wolves is still low, so they’re going to train in the forest.

It seemed that they’re older than the wolf cubs, but they’re not as strong as them.」

「Is that so They don’t seem to be that weak though」

「It’s the opposite, Cruz.

Queen and the others are strong.

They’ve been training together with us, so of course they’re going to be stronger than normal wolves.」

「I see, it’s something like that, huh.」

And so, it was decided that Queen and the others will go to level up for a short while.

During that time, our work will remain the same as today’s.

In the end, there were ten wolves, huh….


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