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The day after we started transporting the timber, I immediately began building the stable.

「Then, we’re going to level the land, so everyone, can you ready the pillars」


The ones who responded were the five people who were here.

These five people were the members who were not yet adventurers.

As expected, it would be a waste of time to have everyone go collect the timber, and leaving the timber by itself wouldn’t be a good idea.

For that reason, several people, including me, stayed behind and divided up the assignments of working on the construction and on the delivery.

We planned on using the shift system for the remaining members, but I needed to level the ground, so thinking about it, I needed to stay behind.

I immediately used earth magic to harden the earth, buried the pillars into the soil, and fixed them into place.

And then, we set up the pillars, built the roof and the walls, and lastly, put up the door. 

We were able to finish this in one week.

「It’s completed!」

「It turned out well, didn’t it」


all that’s left is to see if Queen and the others like it or not」

Currently, the stable was close to completion, so everyone worked on it.

Because of that, all the familiars were there, so I immediately let them inside.

I had expanded the interior using space magic, so it wouldn’t feel cramped even if two horses and four wolves entered.

The familiars were walking around inside, and perhaps they were satisfied with it, as it seems that they decided on their own spaces that would be their beds. 

We covered those places with straw and made beds.



It seems that the familiars like it.

Maa, Queen and the others stayed at the orphanage as well, so they only stayed here every once in a while. 

After that, I installed the magic tool that produced water, and built the water troughs, so for now, the barn was completed!

Next, we started building the fence. 

Just like with the stable, some people were assigned to building the fence and the others were assigned with transporting the timber and we worked on it in turns.

In the beginning, I was thinking of building it one meter tall, but there was nothing in the vicinity yet and everything was in plain sight, so I decided to make it two meters tall. 

Because of that, we needed to transport more timber than expected.

Thanks to that, or perhaps I should say, due to that, thieves finally appeared.

Regardless of actual level or ability, if there were young people along with children who transported a large amount of timber and stacked them on a plot of land that only had a stable and tents around it, then people would want to steal them.

「Well~, I didn’t think that they would really appear.」

「Yeah, they’re faces that I haven’t seen before, so could they be adventurers who have come here recently」

In the morning, when we went to the site, there were thieves who were tied up by the members who were in charge of keeping watch scattered around. 

Looking at the thieves, certainly, we had not seen them before.

It seems they were not the town’s hoodlum adventurers.

「They probably saw our things from somewhere and targeted us」

「But Queen caught them by herself.

As expected!」

It seems that they came in the middle of the night and before they could steal anything, they were taken down by Queen.

Hearing her roar, the children who were on duty came out of the tents, but they had already fainted.

As expected, it would be bothersome to take them to the guardroom in the middle of the night, so it seems that they were waiting for us to come.

On the way to the forest to transport the timber, we handed the thieves to the soldier, and continued to build the fence.

If the fence was completed, then it would, more or less, prevent crimes from occurring, and it would do so not only now, but also in the future. 

After that, no more thieves appeared, and the fence was completed a week later.

I drew a magic circle that I learned from Obaa-san onto the completed fence that made it durable, fire resistant, and fire-proof.


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