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「Well then, I”ll now register the clan『Sirius Orphanage』.」

The day after we talked about the clan and the house, we immediately headed towards the Adventurer Guild to establish the clan, and we were able to register it without any problems.

We had originally heard about the clan from the guild, so perhaps it was just a matter of course

For the name, everyone decided to continue using the party name.

「Well then, what about the clan house that we talked about previously」

The senior adventures and the receptionist onee-san continued on to talk about the plot of land.

「About that, is there a piece of land that is more spacious」

「More spacious…is it The land that the Adventurer Guild has is all land that is close to the gate, or in the back alley, which are very convenient for adventurers, so most of the land would not be large.

Do you need such a large piece of land」

「Is that so, no, in the future, these guys will become adventurers as well, so it is necessary for us to have space that the familiars can use.」

Saying that, the older adventurer placed his hand on top of my head.

「Aah, I see.

If that is the case, it may be better to search for a plot of land at the Commerce Guild.」

It seems that the Commerce Guild was originally the ones who bought and sold land for the lord.

This time, it seems that the Commerce Guild had preferentially prepared land for the Adventurer Guild.

According to the Commerce Guild, excellent adventurers would bring in good materials, so it seems they prepared good pieces of land because they wanted them to settle down in this town.


Then, we’ll try going to the Commerce Guild.」

「Ahh, then, please bring this with you!」

After saying that, the onee-san gave us a piece of leather from behind the receptionist desk.

「This is」

「It’s a letter of introduction.

If you bring this to the Commerce Guild, you would be able to purchase the piece of land for a slightly lower price.」

It seems that this was prepared for adventurers who did not meet the requirements.

Let’s accept this with gratitude.

「Also, when signing the contract, if there is someone who is a member of the Commerce Guild with you, then you would be able to complete the procedures easily.」


Thank you very much.

Well then, we will go to the Commerce Guild.」

Leaving the Adventurer Guild, the older adventurers and I returned to the orphanage, and headed to the Commerce Guild with a child who was a member there.

When we gave the piece of leather to the people at the receptionist desk, the person in charge of the buying and the selling of the land came, and we were led to a table a distance away from the receptionist desk.

「I see, then what do you think about this neighborhood」

Sitting on the chairs, we told the person in charge our requests and the fact that we did not have a large budget, so he took out a map of the town and pointed at a certain location.

「This place is far away from the gates and the streets, so it’s not too expensive, and it’s along the outer walls, so even if you kept familiars, it would not have much impact on the surroundings.」

Certainly, it’s not convenient, but the spaciousness and the price made up for it.

Also, perhaps it might be better to actually go and check out the land The maps in this world weren’t precise, so if you didn’t confirm it properly, then it would be troublesome.

After that, we went to take a look at the land for ourselves, and checking the size of it, we decided to sign the contract.

Because the person in charge had to prepare the contract and we had to prepare the money, we went our separate ways and decided to meet up later at the Commerce Guild.

The money in my Item Box was enough, but to take out such a large amount of money without batting an eyelid would be suspicious.

That’s why, we went to the Adventurer Guild to withdraw money.

At the Adventurer Guild and the Commerce Guild, when you were of a certain rank, you would be able to keep money there as if it were a bank, so we were going to make use of that.

That Adventurer Guild and the Commerce Guild existed throughout the world, so it’s pretty convenient.

With the money prepared and our identities confirmed with the help of the Commerce Guild ID, Sirius Orphanage was able to purchase the land without any problems.


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