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「Hey, Shuu, building a house, as expected, is it difficult」

Along the way when heading towards the forest as usual, I received such a question from the eldest child from the adventurer group.

「Nn~, if it’s something like the hut that I showed you previously, then it’s not that difficult, you know As one would expect, I don’t think that I would be able to build a proper one like the orphanage though….」

「Aah, that, huh.

That’s perfect.

Can you make it bigger and increase the rooms」

「It should be fine.

Are you building one somewhere」

「Aah, I think you know as well, but the number of adventurers coming from the orphanage has increased, right」


there’s more than expected.」

「Also, you know about the kid who grew up and left the orphanage, but is weaving cloth at the orphanage, right」


I left the familiars in their care, but it’s good that it’s become their job.

「That’s true, thanks to that, several people have registered with the Commerce Guild and they were able to make a living.

It’s that, those guys are living in an inn because they don’t go anywhere for work, but including the ones who have become adventurers, there are currently a lot of us staying at the inn.」

「Everyone’s staying at the same inn Can’t you go to a different one」

「There’s the fact that Director-sensei introduced us there, but it’s a good place, so everyone’s staying there.

It would be good if we could go somewhere else, but it’s impossible.」

「Why is it impossible Is it because it’s expensive to stay there」

「That’s part of the reason, but in the first place, there are no vacancies.

There has been an increase in the number of adventurers due to the town’s construction work.」

Certainly, the town’s population has continued to go up recently.

However, it was in the midst of expanding, and the existing houses and inns were also limited.

「That’s why you asked that question」

「Aah, if the number of people increases at this rate, I feel like it would be cheaper to prepare a house than to stay at an inn.」

Fumu, if it’s the current number of people, then even the inns should be fine, but if the population increased, looking at it in the long term, would it be more economical to build a house

「But, where are you going to build it」

「About that, when we were talking about clans at the guild, I was told that we could buy a new plot of land now.」

A clan was the general term used by the Adventurer Guild to refer to an organization.

A party was the gathering of several adventurers.

A gathering of multiple parties, or a gathering of ten or more adventurers would be a clan.

Perhaps we would be the latter.

In terms of a clan, it’s not just adventurers, there were also cases where people like merchants, blacksmiths, doctors, etc.

were affiliated with them.

「Now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be better to register a clan if the number of people increased」

「I was informed by the guild receptionist as well.

That’s why, it’s the perfect timing, so I was thinking of building a clan house as well.」

It was something like that, huh.

I was not yet an adventurer, so I didn’t realize it. 

「How big are you planning on building the house」

「Let’s see, I want to build one that could house around twenty people.

When push comes to shove, we can also consider continuing to stay at the inn.」

「You can purchase a plot of land」

「It isn’t a very good location, but it should be fine if we use our savings.」

「Nn~, then I will also take out some money, so why don’t you buy a piece of land that’s a bit more spacious」

「…maa, you earn more than us, so we’re grateful that you would do that, but why」

「I didn’t earn it all by myself though.

The land will be an area that the familiars will use.

Later, we will build a stable, and keep a horse carriage.」

The earnings that they were just talking about was the money that we received from Ojii-san selling the monsters that everyone defeated but couldn’t sell due to their ranks.

That’s why, it’s not my own money, but everyone’s money, so we needed to use it for things like this.

「Ah~, is that so.

Then, it might be best to discuss the size and price of the land with the guild.」

「That’s true, I’ll come up with various things for the house as well.」

And so, we started working towards our goal of establishing a clan.


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