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The town had changed in the last few years.

This was because the number of adventurers and merchants had increased, even when excluding the ill-mannered adventurers that the feudal lord’s son had gathered.

In the beginning, there were a lot of the bad-natured adventurers, but although they only stayed in the outer edge of the forest, the quality of the materials that could be obtained from Dragon Forest was good and could be sold for a high price.

So, the quantity of the harvests had increased and so had the merchants.

Also, the number of adventurers, who determined what was profitable according to the merchants’ intelligence, had increased as well.

However, because of that, there were negative impacts as well.

The inns, restaurants, shops where the merchants did business, etc.

became overwhelmingly insufficient. 

Because of that, the town was now undergoing construction to build more infrastructure. 

「Ohh You young’uns are returning now」


「We’re back~!」

「You didn’t get hurt, did you」

「Ou! We’re fine!」

Arriving at the town, we greeted the usual gatekeeper.

But, it was at a new gate, which wasn’t the one through which we usually went through.

Originally, there were no monsters around this area, which was perhaps because of the Dragon Forest, so the outer wall was simply made out of wood.

Even now, there were no monsters that appeared, but if the situation where money moved this much continued, there was a chance that people like bandits would appear, so they were building stone walls, moats, and wooden fences.

That gate at which the gatekeeper usually was was where the new outer wall was being built.

There was a gatekeeper at the old gate as well, so it was necessary to be checked twice, which was a little troublesome.

In between the new outer wall and the old outer wall (it is recently being called the inner wall), other than new houses, shops, and the like, they were also cultivating fields and building farms.

With regards to the town’s foodstuff, it was, to a certain extent, provided by the nearby farming villages and the blessings of the forest, but the number of people increased, so we had to cultivate fields around the town or something.

「Still, the town’s atmosphere has changed drastically~.」

「That’s true, it’s grown considerably larger.」

「But, it’s hard to decide if this was a good thing or a bad thing….」

The ill-mannered adventurers were the reason why the number of adventurers had increased, but they often go to the forest and trash accumulates, and the number of people who have actual strength continue to increase, so I couldn’t really say that the public order of the town was good. 

Also, with regards to the construction of the outer wall, perhaps the feudal lord’s son was being stingy with the money or perhaps someone was embezzling it, but the appearance of it when it was completed wasn’t very good.

「Come to think of it, Char-chan said that she might distribute food.」

If there were a lot of people, there would be a disparity of wealth.

If you went to the forest, you could, more or less, earn an income, but the ill-mannered adventurers were getting in the way, so it seems that there were people who were worried.

It seems that the number of orphans had increased because of that, but there were too many at the orphanage and we couldn’t take them in, so it seems that it was decided that they would distribute food.

Honestly, the financial aid for the orphanage had not been received recently.

Perhaps it had been discontinued, or perhaps someone was embezzling it, but it was a mystery and I couldn’t tell you the reason why.

Now, we earned a lot.

Part of it was the sales from the Rainbow Caterpillars’ threads and cloth, but….

Maa, by all rights, we wouldn’t be able to distribute food if we didn’t have any financial aid, but there was surplus food (monster meat), and Director-sensei asked if they could distribute food to help with the dilemma where people wanted to go to the orphanage but couldn’t.

Since we were the ones who hunted the meat.

That being the case, I didn’t refuse and it was decided that they would distribute it.

Honestly, I don’t know what will happen from now on, but right now, I will do my best to do what I can.


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