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Returning to the tent, we gave the food to Obaa-san, and then I headed to the river with the birds and rabbits to dismantle them.

I finished draining the blood of several of them, so I dismantled them while waiting for the rest of them to be completely drained of their blood.

I had the dismantling skill, so I was able to do so at quite the speed.

And, I cut them up into bite-sized pieces so that they would be easy to grill.

I cut up the meat a little bigger for the familiars.

They used to eat raw meat, but after eating Char-chan’s cooking, it seems that they now also liked cooked meat.

Returning to the tent, there was the delicious smell of soup.

It seems that Obaa-san had made soup.

「I’m back.」

「Welcome back~!」「Welcome home….」「Yes, thanks for your hard work.」

I gave the dismantled meat to Obaa-san.

It’s still too early for dinner, but since the soup is finished, should we roast the meat as well

「Let’s see, are you two hungry」

「Not yet~.」「No….」

「Then, why don’t we do it later.

The soup can be warmed back up.」


And so, there’s nothing left to do.」

「Then, perhaps we should make tea or something.」

「I’ll drink tea~.」「I’ll drink….」

「Then, please make some for me as well.」

I removed the small pot that contained the soup away from the fire, and started to boil the water in another pot.

Obaa-san prepared the tea leaves and the cups.

They were herbs that were just picked in the forest.

「How was today」

「It was fun~.」「F, for me too….」

「Is that so, is that so.

However, there’s tomorrow as well, so don’t tire yourself out.」


Afterwards, we chatted and it would soon be time for dinner, so we began to make preparations for dinner.

Firstly, we fed the familiars.

We divided up the labor and as they distributed the food, I started grilling the meat for them.

The quantity was slightly larger, but it was just grilled without any seasonings, so just that helped out a lot. 

After the familiars’ meat was grilled, we also heated the soup back up as we started grilling our own meat.

The meal was ready, and the familiars also began to eat. 

For the soup, we used the special soup base that Char-chan made just for camping.

Though I said that, it wasn’t like the fine-powder soups from the modern era, it was a combination of herbs and spices.

However, just pouring in water would turn it into a delicious soup, so I’m quite thankful for it.

Or rather, it’s something that could be sold to those who usually travel like adventurers and peddlers, wasn’t it

「Onii-chan! The bread is tasty too!」

「Un, it’s delicious.」

Char-chan’s soup was delicious, but the bread was tasty too.

Even though it was that hard bread.

It was unimaginable due to the unappetizing taste from when we were doing the sampling at the orphanage, but Char-chan turned the hard bread into a soup that was edible. 

「It’s truly delicious.」

「Have some meat as well.」

They were made into skewers and just sprinkled with salt, but it seemed somewhat different from the ones that were bought.


Thinking about the soup, the bread that’s soaked in the soup, and the grilled meat, it seems that the meal was not much different than what we usually had at the orphanage, but the four people and the familiars ate heartily. 

After dinner, I went to the irrigation canal to clean up and wash the dishes, and returned to the tent after drawing water.

Thereupon, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were dozing off.

It was earlier than their usual bedtime, but today, we were doing things that we didn’t usually do, so perhaps they were worn out

Obaa-san and I put on robes that we had instead of sleeping bags and decided to go to bed earlier than usual.

If we were camping properly, then we would need to keep watch, but as expected, it would be impossible for us, so I asked Queen and the others.

「Good night.」


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