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First I’ll ask Ojii-san and Obaa-san if the necessary items could be made ourselves.

「Fumu, maa, it’ll be fine, won’t it」

「Let’s see, it should be fine.」

Which was what they said.

However, usually, using space magic was simple, but it seems that they have never just made small adjustments, so I was told that they needed to try it out to see what happens.

Also, it seems that they didn’t have any tents and the like, and I was told that it would be better to buy an actual one and then use that as a reference to make them, so it was decided that we would buy one in town.

When we took a look at the tents available in town, there was a whole spectrum of, no, there were only ones that were either cheap or expensive, with different sizes depending on the number of people.

It seems that the difference in price was the same as the difference in materials used to make them.

I only needed a sample that I could use to make my own, so I purchased a cheap one-person tent.

In terms of price, it was cheap enough that even a Rank 10 or a Rank 9 adventurer could buy it.

After that, we bought items that seemed necessary for the escort, or rather, the journey.

Hard baked bread and dried meat for the food, a portable saucepan, sleeping bags and a cloak with a hood, a lamp and flint.

As for water, just putting water in the flask was sufficient, right There were magic tools that produced water as well, but those were, as one would expect, expensive, so we couldn’t buy them.

Perhaps this was also something that I could make myself.

Buying the things that we could think of, we returned to the orphanage.

I was reporting back to Director-sensei, but I told her that we would soon go camping with Ojii-san as practice for escort requests. 

「I understand that it’s something that you have to do as an adventurer.

However, you guys can not do that.」

For some reason, she did not give my younger sister and I permission to go.

「That’s natural, isn’t it.

No matter how much you say that it’s necessary, it is because you are not yet ten years old.

You can not do it unless you are at least ten years old.」

That was what she said.

Certainly, what she said was correct, and it could not be said that we, who were allowed to go to Dragon Forest, were strong.

「The sleepover….」

However, my younger sister, who should’ve been able to go, was dejected that she was not able to.

I thought about it.

「Director-sensei, then, it’s not camping, but what about staying with Obaa-san If she knew that we couldn’t go, then Sakuya-chan probably can’t either.

That’s why, I was thinking if we stay over instead.

Maa, it’s unrelated to camping though.」

「A sleepover with Sakuya-chan!」

「Besides, if Ojii-san goes camping, taking care of the fields and the familiars would be a lot of work.」

「Let’s see, then, ask them, and if you get permission, then you can stay over.」

「Ya~y! A sleepover with Sakuya-chan~!」

My younger sister was extremely happy when she heard Director-sensei’s words.

I didn’t ask Obaa-san yet though….

Or rather, you had sleepovers with Sakuya-chan at the orphanage, didn’t you!

Later, when I checked with Obaa-san and the others, they said that it was ok.

Sakuya-chan was also house-sitting, and it was a matter of course that we would take care of the fields and the familiars. 

I was about to start making preparations for camping, but I was making the tools at the hut, so let’s confirm it later.

And so, what I could do now was sampling the preserved foods We immediately tried the bread and dried meat that we bought.

It’s hard!!

Recently, we earned some money, so we bought the baked bread at the bakery and ate it at the orphanage, but it was much harder than the leftover bread that we used to eat.

At first, the children seemed like they were going to eat it as well, but when they saw that we were making faces when eating it, they looked reluctant to do so.

「What is this! This hard bread!」

「This is difficult to eat….」

「When camping, do we need to eat stuff like this」

「No, if it’s somewhere that’s a day or two’s journey, then wouldn’t normal bread be fine」

「That’s true, in the end, this is preserved food.」

The baked hard bread had an extremely terrible reputation.

Maa, if it wasn’t a long trip, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a problem.

If it was an escort request from this town, then it shouldn’t be that far away, so perhaps we should leave this issue for later.

The dried meat that we ate after that was also hard and salty and the preserved foods for camping made us despair.  


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