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「Really, the number of adventurers has truly increased….」

Today too, we came to Dragon Forest to complete the guild request. 

Like usual, we avoided the main road that led to the entrance of the forest, and as we headed towards our hunting ground and our harvesting ground, we saw many adventurers along the way.

「It’s true.

When we first started hunting together with Shuu and the others, there were no adventurers here~.」

As the two adventurers said, even though we went to a place farther away to harvest in order to avoid the other adventurers, the adventurers have come to our harvesting grounds before we realized it. 

It seems that the number of adventurers were still rising, but a lot of the adventurers that the feudal lord’s son was gathering were of a low rank, and by all rights, the adventurers who ranked up would increase, and they would be the first to travel into the depths of the forest, but they were not able to do that and were exploring the edges of the forest.

「Certainly, there have been more of them recently.」

「Now that it’s come to this, I need to think about it a little.」

「Nn Think, you say, about what」

「More, you say, it’s the bad adventurers, right Things are better in town, but if we met in the forest, they might involve themselves with us, you know」

「Ah~, that, huh~.」

「Then, what are we going to do」

「I need to discuss it with Ojii-san, but I’ll resign myself to harvesting everything that can be harvested over here and then go over there.

And, from now on, we will mainly work in the area of the hut.


「Then, we will always go to Master’s place!」

「Isn’t that fine」

「Un, but there is also a problem~.」

「A problem」

「The main road divides the harvesting grounds and the hut, right Here, the fruits and medicinal herbs are somewhat in abundance, but there is not much in the area around the hut.

On the contrary, it seems that there are a lot of monsters though.」

「Come to think of it, I didn’t see any fruits over there.」

「There are some in the flower field.」


「That’s right, we can get honey over there.」

My younger sister recalled the honey and had a look of content on her face.

「Either way, it seems that the number of adventurers will continue to increase, so let’s harvest with the goal of picking everything in mind.

If we put it in my Item Box, they will not go bad.」

After this day, we only picked the fruits, medicinal herbs, and vegetables that ccould be picked.

After that, a month passed and everything in the harvesting ground had been picked.

Though I said that, we couldn’t harvest the fruits that weren’t in season and the immature medicinal herbs….

「Well then, Ojii-san, let us move around here from now on.」


「Aah, I don’t mind.」

「Come to think of it, do adventurers not come over here」

「The low-ranked adventurers that you’re worrying about won’t come.

We started keeping the Honey Bees, so I strengthened the barrier.

They wouldn’t come unless they’re an excellent adventurer.」

「Is that so! Then, that’s a relief.」

「But, coming here, not being able to pick fruits is unfortunate….」

「There are no fruits…」

Sakuya-chan, who didn’t know much about our matter, responded to Ilya-chan’s words.

「Un, it seems that we can no longer go to the place that we have been going to to pick fruits, so the amount that we have now is how much we have.」

When I explained it to Sakuya-chan, she had a sad look on her face, and influenced by her, my younger sister also looked like she was about to cry.

「Then, we can just grow them ourselves!」

Hearing Ojii-san’s words, we all looked at each other.

「If we plant them around the flower field, it will soon bear fruit.

There is also an abundance of mana and they will grow more quickly than usual, and things like pollinization, the Honey Bees will do that.」

Certainly, that might be a good idea.

It would take some time, but people wouldn’t come and we could grow our favorite fruits. 

「Then, why don’t we take the opportunity to also cultivate a field」

「That’s good, there seems to be a plot of land as well.」

And so, we completed the minimum number of requests from the Adventurer Guild as we began working on a farm.


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