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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Returning to the orphanage, I leisurely passed the time. 

I helped out around the orphanage, took care of the potatoes in the garden, and played with my younger sister.

This week, we tried to plant new potatoes.

Perhaps it was because I poured mana into them every day, as the ones from last week already sprouted.

The other children also watch over them every day and immediately put out any weeds, so Director-sensei too was confused when they sprouted and paid attention to them.

However, when I played with my younger sister, she did some strange things.

She was sniffing at anything and everything.

「What is it」When I asked her that,

「Im smelling it.」

That was all she said.

Come to think of it, even at the pharmacy and the alchemists shop, she kept on sniffing things….

Was there a scent similar to silver vine

TN: for cats, silver vine has a similar effect on them as catnip

With this and that, a week passed, and the childrens gazes had begun to fall on me as the fruits had run out yet again, so I decided to go out to harvest them.

And, on that day, something happened.

「Today, I will go together with chu.」

Instead of crying, my younger sister suggested that she go with me.

When did she get her things ready, as she even had her knapsack on.

She was eager to depart. 

At this, both Director-sensei and I were troubled.

ly, she was just crying at the orphanage after I left, but this made it obvious that she would stubbornly follow after me after I depart.

There was an exception, me, so it was no use refusing her by telling her that it was dangerous and she was young.

When I looked at Director-sensei, she sighed,

「Dragon Forest is a dangerous place where monsters appear.

If you want to go no matter what, you need to listen to Shuu.

Can you do that」

and, confirmed it with my younger sister.


Im really worried.

Director-sensei turned towards me

「Shuu, protect her properly, alright」

and, said with a serious look in her eyes.


And, I answered her with the same look in my eyes.

However, I could see my younger sister swinging her tail in a happy mood in the corner of my eye and it couldnt be helped that I got distracted….

It was decided that my sister would go with me, so I organized her stuff.

Though I said that, I was checking what my sister had in her knapsack.

When I opened it to take a look, there was a spade, tree branch, and sand inside.

Somehow, something was not right….

I took everything out, and instead, put in a water bottle and some rye bread inside.

And then, we departed while holding hands. 

The two of us walked along the usual path, hiding if a carriage approached, and my younger sister was here with me, so we took many breaks. 

By the way, I was surprised when I checked the status of my younger sister.

Somehow, she was level 2.

Even though I was still at level 1….

Ehh, why!

As expected, was it because I didnt exercise regularly

Should I go on a jog starting tomorrow~.

As I was thinking this, we arrived at Dragon Forest. 

Having reached the forest, we took a break, and planned out todays schedule.

Naturally, the previous time and the time before last, I had searched around on the right-hand side of the forests entrance, so today, I was thinking of heading towards the left side. 

However, I had my younger sister with me today, so it might be dangerous to go somewhere unfamiliar.

In that case, it might be the best choice to visit the places Ive gone to before.

Therefore, its decided that we go to the right side today.

「Today, we will go over there to pick fruits!!」


Our break came to an end and we walked towards the right side.


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