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「Ojii-san, what are we going to do with so much」

Over the course of the last six months, Ojii-san brought over ten Big Kokkos and four Milhorns and had me turn them into familiars.

Contracting such a large number of familiars was, of course, because of Sakuya-chan.

If there were eggs, mlk, and honey, then sweets could be made, though there was not a lot of variety.

「Obviously, we’re keeping them for Sakuya’s sweets.」

「No, no, no, can you keep this many! What are you going to do about the feed」

「The feed, look, just this.」

Using magic, Ojii-san took out a large amount of straw and grains that were used as feed.

「…why is there so much」

「Hey, didn’t I hunt the nearby monsters in the farm village before and received wheat」

「Haah, if I’m not mistaken, that was what happened before we met, right」

「That’s right.

Recently, I’ve been buying wheat flour from town, and raising the Big Kokkos and the Milhorns, so I asked them for straw and grains for the animal feed, but they were unexpectedly delighted, and I was able to exchange for a lot more than before.」

「I see~.」

Certainly, I don’t know about the grains, but if it’s the farm village, for things like straw, they would probably have a great amount of it.

Moreover, if it could replace wheat flour, then they’ll probably give even more.

「So, you did it yourself, but why did the familiars increase so much」

「That’s, it’s obviously because there’s feed! With this, I can let Sakuya eat delicious stuff.」

Still, Sakuya-chan, huh….

「But, how are you going to take care of them You can’t bring them to the orphanage, you know」

「Letting them graze freely is not a problem.

To begin with, they are wild animals, and after becoming familiars and gaining intelligence, they can somehow take care of themselves.

The milking, look, with this many, it’ll work out somehow, right」

It seems that the increase in the number of people coming to Ojii-san’s place was also the reason for the increase in familiars.

「Oh right, while you’re at it, build a barn too.

Next time, I’ll catch a horse too, so build one for the horses too!」

Up until now, we just had one cow and one chicken, so it was a simple building with just a pillar and a roof.

However, with their numbers increasing this much, as one would expect, it’s pitiable, huh.

「Haah, understood.」

And so, it was decided that I will build a chicken coop, cow shed, and a stable. 

With regards to the construction, would it be alright to make it simple with a roof, walls, and an entrance Ojii-san and Obaa-san could make it more spacious with their magic, so if I paid more attention to the height, then it wouldn’t be a problem even if it’s small.

But on the other hand, you need to partition the space precisely when using magic to expand it, so I needed to do the flooring as well.

Firstly, the chicken coop.

Using earth magic, I produced a flat slab of rock for the floor.

There, I erected a pillar, put up the walls and the roof, and it was completed for now.

There, I installed the gate and a window.

I put in a sliding door for both of them so that they could open and close by themselves.

And, I made the handles bigger.

Continuing on, I built the cow shed and the stable.

The handle for the sliding doors was higher. 

Since I didn’t know which height was the easiest to use.

It took a few days (we came every other day, so it was actually two weeks) and we, who built the animal pens, had Ojii-san and Obaa-san use magic to expand them.

TN: the kanji for ‘hut’, as in the hut that the dragons live in, is the same one for ‘animal pen’.

It confused me a little.

「Nee, Ojii-san, aren’t the pens too big」

The expanded animal pens were obviously too big for the familiars to live in.

「Since they might continue to increase.」

You still want more!

Maa, even if you did, let’s let it slide for now.

Taking the opportunity, I built a hut with a fireplace. 

Of course, it was expanded using magic.

What would I do with it I was thinking that I would take it with me instead of a tent.

When I become an adventurer in the future, it would definitely come in handy.

Until then, it would probably collect dust in my Item Box….


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