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「Nii-chan, how was it!」

「Did you pass」

「Was it ok」

When the two people came the day after the rank up examination, the children charged at them before they gave their morning greetings.

「Oi, oi, you’ve been energetic since this morning.」

「You guys, calm down a little!」

Pacified by the two of them, the children backed up a little.

「You guys, loo~k carefully, ok」


The two people respectively took out their cards so that everyone could see them.


The children cheered, and for some reason, even began clapping.

「We passed!」

「Aah, somehow, we did it.」

「As expected, if you do it calmly, everyone can pass as well.」

「Then, maybe Cruz-kun is in trouble」

「Ah~, that might be so.」

「Why! I’m calm too!」

The two people passed, so everyone ate breakfast which had meat, which was rare, in high spirits and the usual members departed to go harvesting.

「So, did you check the Rank 9 requests」

「Aah, as expected, I feel that I have become an adventurer now that there are subjugation requests.」

「Though they are subjugation requests, the Ranks 9 ones are just the permanent requests for goblins, Horned Rabbits, and Fanged Boars.」

「Even so, that’s enough! Rather, we have too many of those materials.」

「Come to think of it, that is the case.」

「Then, anikis will focus on subjugation from now on」

「No, I mentioned it earlier, but the subjugation requests are just the three permanent ones.」

「With just those, we would conversely not earn much money.

It wouldn’t be a problem to sell the many materials in Shuu’s Item Box, but we wouldn’t be able to suddenly sell a lot of them and it would be suspicious.」

「Besides, we plan on continuing to subjugate monsters, but including us, there are also the portions for those who have yet to become adventurers.

We can’t sell everything.

「In addition, Cruz, if it’s these three types, then it’s fine, but if you sell a lot of materials all at once, the prices will collapse and you wouldn’t be able to sell them for a high price, you know」

「Ah~, there’s that problem too, huh~.」

「That’s why, for the time being, we’ll do it the same way as before.

We’ll harvest medicinal herbs with you guys, and we’ll take on requests within town on the other days.

So, when we submit the medicinal herbs, we’ll turn in the monster parts as proof of subjugation as well and earn the necessary points to rank up.」

「What, then, even though you finally ranked up, nothing changed at all~.」

「It seems so.

We originally didn’t sell monster meat, and it might be better to not think about the remuneration from the subjugation requests.」

「Eat meat!」

「Then, we need to do our best today too!」


Shouting along with Cruz-kun, my younger sister started running.

As far as I could see, it seems that Rank 9 was still within the beginner level, so as expected, raising the rank will be a priority, huh.

「That’s right, Shuu, when you go to Master’s place next time, can you take us with you too」

「I need to ask Ojii-san, but it should be fine.


「No, we can already defeat three types of monsters, and we want to train for when we rank up.」

Certainly, even if they fought against Horned Rabbits and Fanged Boars now, they wouldn’t gain any experience, huh….

「Got it, I’ll ask Ojii-san!」

Having received acknowledgement regarding the two people’s matter without any problems, the two people switched their off days and the days when they took on requests within town and it was decided that they would train at Ojii-san’s place.

In addition, I asked Ojii-san, telling him that the other four people will go down the same path as well, so it was decided that they will train together with them.


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