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A certain day a month after the two people from the orphanage became adventurers (provisional).

「You’ve worked hard on the request.」

「「Thank you very much!」」

The two people completed the request, and reported to the guild.

「Um, with this, perhaps it is alright… …un, it’s fine.

You two, the requests had been completed well, so you can take the rank up examination, but what would you like to do」

「「We’ll take it!!」」

The two people replied at the same time and it was decided that they would take the rank up examination.

「Good morning!」

「Where’s Shuu~」

The morning when we were going to go harvesting, just as I was thinking that the two adventurers (provisional) had come, I heard them calling for me.

「Good morning, you two.

What’s wrong」


「We can finally take the rank up exam!」

「Really! Congratulations!」

「I’ll tell you more about it later, but I wanted to let you know now.」

「Got it.

Then, let’s eat breakfast first.」

We headed to the dining room amid the congratulations of the children.

After eating breakfast, we immediately asked about the rank up examination as we went on our way to Dragon Forest.

「So, aniki, the examination, what do you do」

「First is the combat examination.

It’s a low rank, but it seems that they need to see if you can fight against monsters like the Horned Rabbit or goblins.」

「How are you going to do that They’re not going to have you fight against monsters, right」

「It seems that we will fight against guild staff members who are former adventurers.

Of course, we wouldn’t win against them, but it seems that we would pass if we had the proper strength.」

「Then if it’s anikis, then there’s no problem.

You can already defeat Horned Rabbits and goblins!」

Certainly, the two people were at a level where they could fight against them one-on-one.

At first, they needed help from my familiars and my assistance, but once they were familiarized with it, they were able to manage it somehow or another with the benefits of level 10. 

「Well, we haven’t fought with too many goblins, but it wouldn’t be a problem if it’s Horned Rabbits, so it should be fine if we do it calmly.」


After that, it seems that there is a written examination.」

「Written examination」

「Aah, reading and writing simple numbers and your own name.

And then testing if you can read simple words.」

「You need to know that to be an adventurer」

「Aah, Cruz doesn’t know what kind of requests there are, huh.」

「Firstly, if you can’t read the numbers, you wouldn’t know how much the remuneration is, right」


「Also, simple words like『Medicinal Herb』,『Harvest』, or『Horned Rabbit』, if you can’t read them, then you wouldn’t know the contents of the request.」

「I see.」

「After that is your name, but you need to sign your name after completing a request.

That’s why, you need to learn simple words at Rank 10.」

「I see~, but, Director-sensei taught us numbers and letters, so it’s not a problem for us, right 」

「Aah, it’s no problem.

Rather, it’s thanks to Director-sensei and you guys that the examination itself doesn’t seem to be difficult.」

「Certainly, the examination doesn’t seem to be hard.」

Saying that, the two people smiled.

「Come to think of it, when is the exam」

「We plan on taking it on our next rest day.」

「It seems that other people are studying and training, so that period of time is vacant.」

「I see, do your best!」

「Do your best!」



「At any rate, it didn’t take much time for you to be able to take the rank up examination.」

「Now that you mentioned it, the receptionist onee-san told us the same thing.」

「She said that it would normally take several months.」

「It takes that long」

「It seems so.

Usually, you would build up your muscles and stamina taking up the requests within town during those few months, and learning about the town.」

「Un, we do that routinely.」


「Then, there’s no problem with what we’ve been doing, right Isn’t that great.」

「That’s true.」

「Then, for now, we need to pass the exam.」

As we were talking about that, we arrived at the forest and started doing today’s work.


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